Post Houston thoughts

November 10, 2008 |

Nice win for the Ravens yesterday. Yes you can say it was against another sub .500 football team, but they can only play who is on the schedule. This coming Sunday will be a huge test for the Ravens and may finally make people either put them in the contender or pretender category.

Here are some other thoughts from the game:

– I agree with the commentator that said Haloti Ngata should go ahead and get a condo in Hawaii, because if this guy does not make the Pro Bowl, then there needs to be some type of investigation.

– LeRon McClain might want to see if Ngata wants to split the price of a place in Hawaii, because the way this guy is playing, he should be headed to the all-star game also.

– Joe Flacco has answered the questions about throwing the deep ball. His arm strength is unbelievable and makes it look so effortless. Kyle Boller has a very strong arm, but I do not think he could have made that throw to Yamon Figurs yesterday.

– People talk all the time about Ozzie Newsome never drafting offensive lineman. Well call them what you want, but here are the guys starting on the offensive line that were draft picks: Jared Gaither, Jason Brown, Ben Grubbs, Chris Chester, Adam Terry, also although he is out for the year, Marshal Yanda. That is pretty good if you ask me.

– The Ravens did something yesterday that I have not seen in a long time on defense. They got four interceptions, and not once did I see the ball get pitched around to other players like it was on fire.

-The tipped ball that Haloti Ngata intercepted goes back to a drill that defensive line coach Clarence Brooks has the defensive lineman work on during training camp. In years past they  have used a soccer ball to do the drill.

– Coach Harabugh did two things yesterday that made me scratch my head. First, when he challenged whether it was a first down or not, when no matter if it wasn’t they were only going to be a yard short and it was not fourth down. I also question letting Matt Stover try a 50 yard field goal, when Steven Hauschka had just hit one from 54 yards. Luckily for Coach Harbaugh and the Ravens that did not matter in the long run, but it could have been a huge turning point in the game.

-Although Hauschka was the first person to attempt a field goal other than Matt Stover since Aaron Elling in 2005, he is the first person to make a field goal other than Stover since Wade Richey did in 2003.

-Ray Rice has had a nice start to his rookie campaign, but Willis McGahee proved yesterday why he is still the feature back in the Ravens running game.