Post press conference notes

April 17, 2008 |

Here are some notes from the press conference; you can hear the whole thing in the audio vault:
          As it relates to the salary cap, it is basically a wash as it relates to the money. The Ravens are not greatly benefiting from it.
          It was clear from being here that Steve was pretty emotional about the decision
          Ozzie Newsome is expecting to have about 10-15 calls from veteran QB’s who are looking for jobs. Ozzie said for them to be patient he will get back to them in a two weeks
          Samari Rolle held back the tears as he spoke of the time that he spent with Steve
          Ray Lewis released a statement on the retirement of McNair. Ray is in the building here at Owings Mills, there is a thought that Ray could have become the focus of the press conference and taken away from what everyone was here for
          Ozzie Newsome said the retirement of Steve will not change the way the team will go in the draft
          Steve spoke highly of John Harbaugh and Cam Cameron and said that he would have enjoyed playing in this offense
          Steve said that his mind told him three years but his body was not agreeing. Here is a list of the injuries McNair has dealt with since 2001
          From a personal standpoint, it was a joy to cover Steve during his time here. He was always very polite and easy to deal with.