Purple Crabcakes-Ravens Sign David Tyree

October 13, 2009 | Glenn Clark

3:40 Update: The Ravens have signed David Tyree and let go of Tony Curtis. This signifies to me that they are going to take a chance on having someone else try to help on Special Teams, as Tony Curtis has not been active since coming to Baltimore.

The David Tyree file:


-6’0″, 206 pounds
-6th round pick out of Syracuse (2003)
-54 catches for 650 yards and 4 TD’s in career
-Caught a TD as well as the catch seen above in the Giants’ win over the Patriots in Super Bowl XLIII
-Authored a book: “More Than Just The Catch” about his transformation from being arrested for drug possession with intent to distribute to Super Bowl hero
-Known as more of a special teams player, making the 2005 Pro Bowl as a specialist
-Suffered a knee injury in 2008 during Training Camp that left him on IR for the remainder of season
-Cut by Giants before start of 2009 season

My apologies for the lack of a Crabs and Beer this morning. This was a computer error on my part; as I actually did 4 hours worth of linking only to see that work disappear when I transferred it from Word to the site. You may be thinking “Glenn, you said it was a computer error on your part. Shouldn’t it be one or the other?”

The answer is yes.

Moving on, just wanted to offer a few brief comments on some Ravens-related news from the last 24 hours.

1-Matt Stover is trying out in Indianapolis today.

I will admit that I am rooting for Adam Vinatieri to be healthy enough to kick still. I am fully supportive of Matt being able to go out on his own terms, but seeing him come to M&T Bank Stadium in blue and white would be a bitter pill to swallow. Of course, it is particularly unlikely that even if the Colts WERE to sign him he would still be the guy on November 22-but I can’t stomach even the idea. Also, Indy seems far for Matt, who I had understood really wanted to stay in the (fairly) immediate area. I had assumed that New York would probably be about as far as he wanted to go. But if this is a short term thing, I guess I get it.

Need I remind everyone that we’re 5 weeks into the season and Steve Hauschka has yet to try one meaningful kick? Need I also remind everyone that he hasn’t attempted ANY field goal in the last 2 weeks.

2-Chad Ochocinco doesn’t want Ray Lewis fined; John Harbaugh doesn’t expect repercussions

It was an unnatural football play. John Harbaugh said that it was “in the strike zone”, which is the area where you are allowed to hit a defenseless player. But it appeared to have violent intent and looked like an unnatural football play. This could ultimately be a judgment call for the NFL, and I won’t be surprised either way. However, if Ray is NOT fined-it should CERTAINLY not be considered an acknowledgment by the league that the officiating screwed up last week.

3-David Tyree and Ronald Curry worked out with Ravens at 1 Winning Drive

Teams regularly work out players every week. This does not mean that they will be signing either player. David Tyree would NOT upgrade this organization at WR, but could play some special teams. When they brought him in a few weeks ago, he wasn’t healthy enough for them to really get any feel for him.

Ronald Curry is interesting. Would he be an upgrade for this WR unit? Maybe. At least he’s 6’2″; and the Ravens could really use someone who might be able to grab a jump ball; and we all know Curry’s athletic prowess. But they have a 6’2″ receiver on the roster right now (who they STILL tell me they like) and they aren’t using him (Demetrius Williams).

4-Harbaugh said “chaos” of Mark Clayton play lead to coaching staff missing incorrect spot

That concerns me. The spotting and charting should be better. Someone on the sidelines should have been freaking out. The Ravens can complain about the officials clearly missing this play; but they absolutely should have noticed and gotten Jeff Triplette’s attention.

5-Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf will call Sunday’s game against the Vikings for CBS

I was just informed. Not an exciting crew, but they’re solid. I liked that show Greg used to do with his brother….

6-“The Band That Wouldn’t Die” premieres tonight on ESPN

Everyone I’ve talked to who saw this last Tuesday at M&T Bank Stadium said they enjoyed it. It HAS to be better than that garbage production they put together to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1958 NFL Championship Game last December. I trust Barry Levinson did better.