Questionable call not the reason for Ravens loss

December 14, 2008 |

I wrote this earlier this morning: if you let the Steelers hang around, they will find away to beat you and that is what they did tonight. Was it a questionable call on the touchdown catch? Yes, but what about the other 90-plus yards the Ravens gave up on defense? Same as with the loss to Titans on Suggs’ hit on Kerry Collins and the same as when Jarrett Johnson hit Hines Ward in Week 4. The defense fell apart at the most important time of the game.

The Steelers deserved to win the AFC North and get a bye in the first round. They find a way to win games when they have to do it. The Ravens offense had several opportunities to tack on points in this game and did not do it.  The biggest play for the Raven came with 4:28 left to go in the game with the Ravens having the ball at the Pittsburgh 27 when Joe Flacco was sacked and fumbled the ball.

I will say this both on and off the record: several of the Ravens players said they can not blame the refs for losing that game and that now it just means they have to take care of business the rest of the way. In the past, you clearly would have heard players whining and complaining about the calls and how the refs screwed them and so on and so forth. There was not one bit of that after this game and to me that is the sign of a team that is going to be OK.