Quick hits from Ravens-Panthers pre-season game

August 12, 2010 | Drew Forrester

Here are some rain-soaked snippets from Thursday night’s pre-season opening win (17-12) over Carolina.

They come fast and furious and in no particular order.

> Terrence Cody was VERY impressive.  He played as many snaps as anyone, so it’s obvious his fitness is improving and, hopefully, not going to be an issue in the regular season.  He was good against the run, he was good going after the QB and he was always in the mix.  Outstanding debut for Cody.

> Paul Kruger had a helluva night.  I saw a few plays where the runner was coming into his path and Kruger shed a blocker with his left arm and wrapped up the Carolina player with his right arm.  He, like Cody, was good on both run and pass plays.

> Mark Clayton had a nice game.  Sharp route running and a terrific catch in the end zone.

> Not a good night for Travis Fisher in the secondary.  Plays too far off his man, for starters.  And was beat for speed a couple of times across the middle, which isn’t good.

> I wasn’t particularly impressed with Cary Williams either.  There was a series in the 2nd quarter where Jimmy Clausen picked on him 3-4 times. And when Jimmy Clausen picks on you, you’re in trouble.

> Prince Miller was the surprise perfomer in the secondary.  It’s early still — and he has an uphill fight to make the team — but he was good on press coverage and tackled well.  Also helped his cause with a 58-yard punt return.

> Marc Bulger made a handful of nice throws, but coughed up the ball once.  He looks like a #2 QB to me.  At best.

> Tough to make any real second-half assessments because of the lousy weather, but I thought DT Kelly Talavou stood out in the final 30 minutes.

I gotta go dry off and get to bed.

We’ll talk more about this at 6:07 am on Friday morning.