Raiders should write refund checks…

October 26, 2008 | Drew Forrester

That performance today by the Oakland Raiders will go down as one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

It was so out of hand in the 3rd quarter the Ravens even threw the ball to Joe Flacco.

Anything to keep themselves awake, I suppose.

They showed Al Davis several times on TV during the second half, sitting in the owner’s box watching his team.  It’s hard to say who looked more disinterested – Davis…or his team.

Oh, yeah, there were some bright spots for the Ravens today.  Several, in fact.

But I can’t get over how hapless the Raiders looked.

If they have it in their budget, they should write refund checks to all the fans who ponied up real money to watch what was essentially a pre-season game.

Except, for the Ravens, it counts.  And they’re 4-3.  

If only every week was this easy.

I can only think of one other athlete who has graced the field in Baltimore this year who was as wild and inconsistent as JaMarcus Russell was today:  his name was Daniel Cabrera.  Rumor had it the Raiders called Ozzie Newsome at halftime and asked if they could trade for Kyle Boller.

Boy, how do you think the Raiders feel these days with that $30 million albatross around their neck?  If not for one 60-yard “catch it if you can” throw in the 3rd quarter that fell between the arms of Fabian Washington and into the chest of a player with a white jersey, Russell would have received an “F” for the day.  That throw gave him a D-.  Wooppee.

He was horrible and so were the rest of the Raiders. 

Joe Flacco threw a TD pass and ran for one in late in the game in what almost amounted to “running up the score”.  The Raiders didn’t seem to care all day, so Cam Cameron probably figured, “what the hell…let’s score one more.”

At 4-3 now, Baltimore continues to stay right in the mix for a playoff run in November and December.  Up next, a trip to Cleveland, where I have to assume the Browns will show more heart and enthusiasm than the black and silver did today.  A winnable game, of course…but it won’t come as easy, I suspect.

For today, though, it was a good performance by the guys in purple.  They didn’t have a lot to do, mind you, but a win is a win is a win, right?

Someone wake-up Al Davis and tell him the plane is ready to leave.  

His players started getting on it at halftime today.