Ravens award Harbaugh with four-year contract extension

September 05, 2013 | Luke Jones

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On the heels of their second Super Bowl championship in franchise history, the Ravens rewarded head coach John Harbaugh with a four-year contract extension earlier this offseason, according to multiple reports.

According to Pro Football Talk, Harbaugh will be paid nearly $7 million per season for the next four years.

Entering his sixth year after leading Baltimore to a win in Super Bowl XLVII, Harbaugh had two years remaining on his deal before the Ravens tore up his old deal and gave him an extension. He has led Baltimore to a playoff berth in each of his first five seasons at the helm and three AFC Championship appearances.

The 50-year-old is the only head coach in NFL history to win a playoff game in each of his first five seasons.

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  1. T shute Says:

    Why? What has he done?
    This one bad football team !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anybody who disagrees with me what teem are you watching?
    Flacco is way overrated? What are they paying him fo? Granted this year he has nobody to throw to!!!!! I actually heard somebody compare this defense to the 2000 defense lol!, That is laughable!!!!!!! So he won a Superbowl his receivers saved his a$$!!!! No wonder Ozzie can’t find a receiver ever!!!!!!!! I just need to say this Flacco is overrated because we have had some horrible quarterback over the last 17 years!!! We don’t take that into account. Please prove me wrong. They are still a very offense with Caldell calling the plays. Dallas Clark sucks he is very old as well as the other very old wide receiver we pick up !,,
    Ngata beat a second string center pathetic!,,,, One bad football team!!!! Please prove me wrong!!!

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