Ravens barely break a sweat in easy win over hapless Jets

November 24, 2013 | Drew Forrester

At one point during Sunday’s snoozer between the Ravens and New York Jets, I posted a joke on Twitter that went something like this:  “I just tried to type Geno Smith’s name on my computer and it auto-corrected to Geno Boller.”

It took me about a minute to feel awful for typing that.

It was completely disrespectful to Kyle Boller.

Betrayed by a quarterback who clearly can’t handle the pressure and a handful of wide receivers who jaked it almost all afternoon, the Jets slinked out of Baltimore Sunday night 19-3 losers, looking nothing at all like a club worthy of competing for an AFC playoff spot.

The Ravens, meanwhile, learned little new about themselves on Sunday, except they’re now 5-6 and tied with the Steelers leading up to Thursday night’s showdown with Pittsburgh here in Charm City.  The Baltimore offense was lethargic once again on Sunday, but even a mediocre running game and a couple of big play throws from Joe Flacco were more than enough to ward off the pathetic Jets and their woeful offensive unit.

How on earth the Jets can possibly have five wins to date is beyond me given what they displayed on Sunday in Baltimore.  I’ve seen some gutless efforts by visiting teams over the last twelves seasons while covering the Ravens and this one goes in the all-time top 5.

For those folks who think the Ravens have a problem at quarterback, running back, offensive line and, in general, producing NFL-caliber offense, I ask you to first look at Exhibit A before rendering any judgment on your Baltimore team.

Exhibit A=the Jets.

They’re horrible.

They make the Ravens look like the 49’ers of the early 1980’s.

As bad as Baltimore’s offense has been this season — and that’s now six straight games failing to score more than 20 points for Flacco and Comapny — they haven’t produced anything close to the 3-point stinkeroo authored by the Jets did on Sunday.

There’s bad — as in, we’re trying real hard and we’re getting closer, but we’re not there yet (the Ravens) — and then there’s “laughably inept”, which is where the New York effort from Sunday should be filed.

It provides us all with some proper perspective on the Ravens and what they’ve done and what they’re capable of doing.

We’ll get a much better picture of the Ravens and their playoff chances on Thursday night when the Steelers come to town.  With both the Jets and Miami losing on Sunday, Baltimore and Pittsburgh find themselves firmly entrenched in their annual battle for a post-season berth.  It won’t quite amount to “winner take all” on Thursday evening, but a Pittsburgh victory would give them the season series and the edge in a playoff tiebreaker should one be needed between the two teams at season’s end.

Hopefully the Ravens don’t run around town for the next day or two crowing about their “big win” over the Jets.  Yes, a win is a win in the NFL, but Sunday’s 19-3 victory was more a by-product of “someone had to win and it wasn’t going to be the Jets”.

Thursday night, the varsity comes to town.

Pittsburgh doesn’t have a Geno Smith or anyone as remotely disinterested as Santonio Holmes was all afternoon on Sunday.

The Steelers, if nothing else, have some heart.

The Jets, on Sunday, had nothing.

Someone asked me prior to Sunday’s game what I thought the chances were that the Jets could win over the Ravens.

I answered: “Zero”.

Turns out I was right.

With that kid at quarterback, they had zero chance of winning on Sunday in Baltimore.