Ravens beat Jets 34-17 in a WTF? special

October 03, 2011 | Drew Forrester

Sunday night’s Ravens-Jets game reminded me of the first time I heard Marilyn Manson’s song “The Dope Show”.

When it ended, I said to myself, “What the hell was that?”

File it under “a win is a win” and move on, I suppose.

I figure it like this:  Both quarterbacks were pretty much terrible.

I’d rather have the terrible one whose team won.

So, in that regard, I’ll take Flacco and move on to the bye week.

But it was certainly a weird game on Sunday night, as the Ravens offense mixed one excellent quarter of football with three non-descript quarters.  And the defense came through with three scores.

The only thing missing was Kyle Boller.

The good news?  The Ravens are 3-1…which, after 4 games, is the minimum goal of any head coach (who tells the truth).  Do that three more times and you’ll be 12-4 at the end of the season and playing a home playoff game.

The bad news?  Well, there really isn’t any, per-se, although Flacco’s off performance and the lack of any real impact from Baltimore wide receivers on Sunday night could be construed as a step back.

It would be fair to give *some* credit to the Jets defense on Sunday night, as they held the Ravens offense to just one score and had a TD of their own.  It wasn’t a win for Rex Ryan, but his defense certainly came to play for the most part.

We’ll be breaking down the whole thing all day Monday on WNST Radio, so catch us there.  In the meantime, comments and thoughts are welcome below.

And if you don’t believe me about that Marilyn Manson song, go ahead and listen right here.  Afterwards, I bet you say to yourself, “What the hell?”

That’s precisely what I said after last night’s 34-17 win over the Jets.

But a win’s a win.