Ravens Camp 7/30/08

July 30, 2008 |


John Welbourne has left the Ravens team hotel and his headed home. John was not very happy when he walked out of the team hotel and seemed upset with the Ravens for the whole situation.
So you can scratch him off your list as potential offensive tackles.


So as the Ravens continue to search for depth on the offensive line, it looks as though they could be close to adding John Welbourne to the mix. John was a drafted in the 199 draft in the 4th round by the Philadelphia Eaglers.
Here is an interesting story from Jay Glazer’s blog back in August of 2007. Scroll down to the Worst place on my trip so far. It is a pretty interesting story and something I am sure will be brought up.
John has been in the lobby for about 3 hours and is reading Scar Tissue by Anthony Keids of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
Chad Slaughter is still here at the facility and may be joining the Ravens also.



Chad Slaughter formerly of the Oakland Raiders was here this afternoon for a workout. More news as it comes out, but here is info on Chad.


Today was a good day to be over the age of 30 if you play for the Ravens. Today was a day off for the over 30 club, except for a couple of members like Gary Stills, and Matt Stover.
Here are some other notes from the morning session:
          Coach Harbaugh, Coach Cameron, and other members of the coaching staff all ran down on the kickoff team coverage towards the end of practice this morning
          Willis McGahee had his left knee wrapped heavily in ice towards the later parts of practice this morning
          Ray Rice continues to impress with every time he touches the football
          The quarterback situation still has no clear cut winner in my opinion
          Dan Cody, Adam Terry, Jared Gaither, Haloti Ngata, and Edgar Jones all missed practice this morning while nursing injuries
          Coach Harbaugh acknowledged that the team is currently in the process of adding a player or two to the roster. This is likely to be at the tacle position.
          Coach Harbaugh said that Ed Reed has missed practice due to dealing with a strength issue in his shoulder. Ed has been on the field running and catching passes almost on a daily basis while at camp. He has not taken part in any drills with the team.