Ravens Camp Day 2

July 22, 2008 |

So the first day of camp is done as far as on the field goes for the Ravens, this afternoon concluded the first of the two-a-days for the team.
Here are a couple of notes from the afternoon practice:
          Watching Trevor Pryce play cornerback is an interesting thing to watch. He got turned around by Marcus Smith on a play that resulted in Trevor falling to the ground which caused some of Pryce’s defensive teammates to critique his cover skills.
          Dan Cody is getting a lot of work on learning the defensive end position
          The Ravens added another tight end to the roster this afternoon as they signed #84 Adam Bergen 6-4 from Lehigh who has three years of NFL experience
          Although it is early in camp, Haruki Nakamura has made some impressive plays in the secondary. Earlier this morning, Haruki tipped a Troy Smith pass that was intercepted by Tom Zbikowski. This afternoon Haruki made a diving deflection that prevented a catch that would have resulted in a touchdown.
          Joe Flacco shows flashes with some of his throws, just how strong and accurate his arm is.
The Ravens return to practice tomorrow morning when they have an 8:45 a.m. practice. Also tomorrow will be the day when the veterans will report to the team hotel. Samari Rolle will not be reporting as he has been allowed to miss to deal with the passing of his father with a funeral planned for Saturday. As I mentioned last week, I do not expect Terrell Suggs to report to the Westminster facility.



The Ravens have released cornerback Lenny Walls from the roster. The Ravens this morning added Aaron Walker and could possibly be adding some other players in the next day or so.
Here is what Coach Harbaugh had to say about the first days of camp “It’s not an evaluation time right now. It’s rookie camp. It’s the same thing we did for three days in June. It’s a chance to get these guys re-acclimated and go through the offense for the fifth time, give them a chance to compete come Friday.”
Coach Harbaugh also had a interesting comment about the attitudes of the quarterbacks: “They’re doing a nice job, all three of them. They look fluid. The fact that they’re friends and the fact that they’re good guys taking the attitude that they want to be as good as they can be and help the other guys be as good as they can be, that’s just them being good guys. Make no mistake about it, every one of those three guys wants the job. It’s not really a nice guy contest. We’re all nice guys, but it’s a quarterbacks contest.”
Check back later for a report from the afternoon 3:30 p.m. practice.



So a quick blog before heading to practice, I was a little late this morning after the top notch SAFE security thought media were not allowed at the team hotel although I have a parking pass and a credential with my name and all camp written on it, but it is what it is.
Its S.A.F.E. management, what can you expect? They even stopped a Ravens employee and questioned if they were suppose to be here.
When the players get ready to walk out of the doors here at the hotel there is a friendly reminder waiting on them. There is a note on the door that reminds players to sign autographs after practice and to show appreciation to the fans who come out to support them during camp. Also on the flyer is a note to tell players to not leave a teammate alone signings autographs.

Well off to watch the first practice of 2008 training camp with rookies and some injured vets. I will be doing updates every hour on the radio, but not on blog till later this afternoon.

So the first practice under John Harbaugh of the 2008 training camp has concluded. The practices did not run as long today due to the limited number of players available for him to use.
Here are some notes from practice today:
          Troy Smith did not have a very good practice this morning. He was picked off three times during the morning session. Chuck Pagano one of the Ravens coaches, Prescott Burgess, and Tom Zbikowski all intercepted Troy today.
          The Ravens parted ways with quarterback Brad Roach last night and signed Aaron Walker, a tight end.
          Trevor Pryce took his conditioning test today and as was told to us by the staff, he “crushed” it.
          Several of the players were wearing arm and hammer patches on their uniforms today and will during camp. The patch is to signify guys that attended 85% of the voluntary off season workouts.
          Coach Harbaugh pointed out that this is just like the rookie camp that the team had at the Owings Mills facility.

Tune into the Bob Haynie Show to hear audio from Coach Harbaugh, Troy Smith, Kyle Boller, and Joe Flacco.

News has circulated here at Owings Mills that Samari Rolle’s father passed away last week and will not be here for the begging of camp for the veterans. The funeral for Samari’s father will be on Saturday, and he has been told to take as much time as he needs. No matter what you think of Samari, you have to feel for the guy for everything that he has been through lately.
Here is the ESPN article courtesy of James Walker.