Ravens coach Harbaugh treats staff to replica Lombardis

July 05, 2013 | WNST Staff

John Harbaugh is certainly telling his assistant coaches to continue to keep their eyes on the prize in the coming weeks as the Ravens prepare to defend their Super Bowl 47 title.

By giving them something tangible  in front of them.

Before the Ravens and their staff went on vacation June 18th, the Super Bowl-winning head coach left his staff with quite the gift.

The National Football Post is reporting that Harbaugh presented each of his assistant coaches-all 22 of them-with a Tiffany & Co replica of the Ravens’ Super Bowl Lombardi Trophy, which is almost pristine in the look of the original-with a slightly less cost.

The real Lombardi Trophy-also made by Tiffany & Co-is believed to be worth anywhere between $25,000-50,000 and becomes a four month process to craft.

Seven pounds of sterling silver-nearly two feet in height-put together the Super Bowl trophy.

The replicas cost slightly less to put together-somewhere in between $10-20,000 to make.

It was a good two weeks for the Ravens and their assistants, as they also received their Super Bowl rings as well at a private ceremony.