Ravens defense buckles in OT loss at New England

October 17, 2010 | Drew Forrester

Today in New England, they battled hard enough to probably deserve the win, but they certainly didn’t execute well enough to deserve it.

Cam Cameron’s vanilla play calling will get plenty of sports talk attention this week, as will Greg Mattison’s continued dedication to rushing three lineman against one of the league’s best quarterbacks.

Both of them should be critiqued.

But Cameron and Mattison don’t play the game.  They merely move the pieces around.

And the one element of the Ravens scheme that is suffering greatly right now is the team’s defensive pass rush.

It doesn’t exist.

Mattison might be the team’s Defensive Chef, but he can’t make chicken salad out of chicken manure.  This team doesn’t have the horses to get to the quarterback consistently enough to change the opposition’s style of play.  It’s something they’re going to have to deal with from here until the end of the season.  Teams will pick up on it.  The ones who can throw the ball will probably prosper from it, unless the Ravens figure out a way to improve their pass rush.