Ravens: Fabian Washington turns in professional performance

November 29, 2010 | Drew Forrester

At some point between now and the end of their season, the Ravens are going to need Fabian Washington again.

You can count on that.

He’s going to play again.

Someone will tweak a knee, roll an ankle or do the helmet-to-helmet thing and be out of action for some period of time.

And Fabian Washington will be called on to come in and play a key role in a big game. It’s Murphy’s Law-of-Football. Banished, then needed. It’s bound to occur in the next five games.

When that happens, I’m rooting for him. But I won’t be rooting for him because he plays for the Ravens and I’d rather see him play well than not. I won’t be rooting for him because one solid day of football from Washington could be the difference in the Ravens advancing in the post-season or going home early.

I’ll be rooting for Fabian Washington because of the professionalism he’s shown over the last few weeks after he lost his position due to poor performance.

He was torched in the Buffalo game back on October 24 and eventually replaced in the late stages of that 37-34 OT win over the Bills. After the game, as he does far too often, John Harbaugh wouldn’t really admit the truth about Washington — he was benched. Benching a starter in the NFL is a rarity, particularly in the course of the game. But Washington’s play in that pass-happy affair warranted a seat. He was that bad.

Two weeks later against the Dolphins, Washington was back in the starting lineup, but only for a brief period of time, as Miami picked on him – with great success – throughout the first half. When the second half kicked off, Josh Wilson was in and Fabian was out. The decision had been made by Harbaugh and Greg Mattison. Fabian Washington was no longer the team’s starting cornerback.

And something happened after that game. Washington took it like a man. In fact, his professional response to the benching actually started DURING the game. If you recall Josh Wilson’s interception in the 4th quarter, it was Washington who was