Ravens Fans Get Early Christmas Present

September 30, 2009 | Tom Federline

Can I be the first to say it for this upcoming holiday season? This is way out of character for me (it still being September), but I have to ……….Merry Christmas Baltimore! Thank you Baltimore Ravens, thank you Cincinnati Bengals, thank you Detroit Lions! Could a better scenario have played out? Ravens roll, Steelers choke, ‘Skins are humiliated.

I’ve waited a few days, let the dust settle and it still feels good. What enhances the afterglow, are the “Circumstances” (Rush), surrounding the day and results. The “expansion” Cleveland Browns come to the city that accepted their past neglected franchise with open arms ……..and get rolled. The Steelers lose on a closing minutes, game winning drive by the Bengals that included making two 4th downs to keep the drive alive. The ‘Skins go to the 0 -19 Detroit Lions and relieve them of their losing streak. Thus becoming a potential trivia question in Detroit (and DC) for years to come. “Fail – to – the – Redkins”, that was beautiful. Not as nice as the Steelers losing ……..again. You all do realize the Steelers should be 0 – 3?

Game Summary: the weather broke, heard the first pin drop in the stadium this year (when Ray-Ray went down, early in the 1st quarter and was lying flat on his back), the Browns are simply a hurtin’ outfit at this time, Willis McGahee is still running untouched in Ravens stadium, Joe “Cool” Flacco continues to amaze – 3rd quarter, Flacco is back-peddling, under pressure from a large Cleveland Browns lineman who finally broke away from being man-handled all day, he’s on the Ravens side of the field…….next thing you know – zip – 20 yards down field, 40 yards across the field, complete to Mason. You kiddin’ me? I turned to the football savvy fans behind me and all they said was…..We have a QB! The option play, dominating defense, Derek Anderson throwing interceptions,Troy Smith into the game (to late in my book), Ravens win. All good.

Another nice moment during the day, was experienced between child/parent (daughter/dad), one of those thinking/saying the same thing at the same time deals. IF, you are lucky enough to make it to a game, watch Ngata and Gregg waddle onto the field during change of possession/TV timeouts. Ok, men that large don’t waddle….anywhere…..let’s say two sumo wrestlers lumbering to their match, with a serious “will not lose” attitude. We both saw it at the same time, turned to each other and just laughed. Those two headed out to assume their position and play at a high level, while Ray-Ray and Mr. Ed Reed pump up the rest of the defense……is priceless.

Ideas for Christmas presents (thank me later):

1. For Steeler fans – a disk copy of Cincinnati’s last drive. Maybe throw some Chicago Bear drives in there, save some space for some Ravens drives, San Diego Chargers, Detroit Lions, etc.

2. For ‘Skins fans – simply a disk copy of the whole Detroit Game.

Christmas in September? I’ll take it. Take it while it’s hot. It’s still early, but “It’s starting to look alot like Christmas”. If I were you, I’d start looking for purple Christmas lights. Got mine years ago.