Ravens good news…bad news

April 09, 2009 |

The good news is that the difference between the defending Super Bowl champion Steelers and the Ravens is minimal. In two of the three games last season the Ravens were in a position to win against the Steelers and should have won.  History has shown that is difficult to beat a good team three times in one season and Ravens fans had to think last year was the year to get back to the Super Bowl with destiny on their side (and the odds). Now, the bad news is that the difference between the Ravens and a host of other AFC teams—including the Patriots, Steelers, Chargers, and Colts is also very minimal. Parity is the reality of the NFL.  The ravens need a good draft to fortify their offensive line and inside linebackers. And, they also need a playmaker like Heyward-Bey to add another dimension to the offense. To get greedy, the Ravens could add another outside rushing d-lineman as well. What do you think are the areas of need for the Ravens in the upcoming draft?