Ravens Leader Hits Again

September 22, 2009 | Tom Federline

Read play, shoot gap, make tackle, end of game. WOW! It’s the talk of the town, it’s the talk of the NFL, it’s the hit “Heard (and seen) ‘Round Baltimore.” Ok, I waited two days……Was that game saving hit really that good? YES! Will the hit make Rays – Hall of Fame Classics reel? YES! Does Ray Lewis still have what it takes to play middle linebacker in the NFL? He’s a little slower-a-foot, but a resounding YES! I wonder if there was a reading on the Richter scale around Baltimore after that hit? I know I left my feet (of course that may have been a whopping 3-6″). But it felt like I was skying!

The Hit was awesome, but believe it or not………….. there was another great play by Ray, early in the 3rd quarter. He was chasing down the Chargers QB, Phillip Rivers, that forced an interception. Remember? It was a great camera work – Rivers was fleeing from getting sacked,, Ray in pursuit, Rivers closes his eyes, braces for impact, flings the ball sidearm, aimlessly into the arms of the awaiting Ravens defense. What had me shaking my head – Ray was like 3 feet behind him, he hadn’t even hit him yet. Talk about intimidation.

The Hit, may be engraved in my memory bank for years to come. Here are some other memorable football hits that immediately come to mind:

1. The Ravens, Tony Siragusas’ hit on Oakland Raiders QB, Rich Gannon, in the AFC Championship game, Super Bowl year.

2. Ohio State football coach – Woody Hayes -punches that Clemson linebacker after an interception, Gator Bowl – 1978.

3. The No. 1 hit of all-time, Baltimore Colts – Mike Curtis flattening that fan cutting across the field during the Colts/Dolphins game , 1971. FYI – There’s an autobiography out by Mr. Curtis – “Keep Off My Turf “- I might buy a used one, just for the title.

Brief game summary – “Bittersweet Symphony”(The Verve): The Chargers had 4 starters out – 2 offensive lineman, 1 defensive lineman and some running back named Tomlinson, Ravens were full strength, Ravens defense was torched through the air, Ravens 3-headed monster backfield looks tough, Ravens defense can be exploited, Ravens have an offense……………the Ravens won (on the road)!

Your thoughts on the game, The Hit or other memorable Ray-Ray tackles? Even better, give us your most memorable football hits through the years.

Thank you Norv “burned again” Turner, for the run call. Thank you Ray Lewis, for your passion.