Ravens lose some heart today…

August 30, 2008 | Drew Forrester

In the competitive world of the NFL, today is the day when teams take risks on players.

Who to let go and who to keep?

For the Ravens, today sees them give walking papers to one of the best guys their locker room has seen in a long, long time.

Gary Stills was cut today.

Over the last several years, the locker room in Owings Mills has lost some extremely high quality individuals including Edwin Mulitalo, Mike Flynn, Ovie Mughelli, Justin Green and now, Gary Stills.

Maybe that’s why they’ve been losing more than winning recently.

I realize you can’t win in the NFL if you just have a locker room full of good guys — but I don’t think you can win in the NFL by systematically letting the good guys wander off, either.

I’m glad I’m not the GM.

It’s inevitable that “fringe players” are always in danger of being cut and Stills knew there was a possibility his time was coming this year.

Yet, you didn’t hear him bitch, complain or campaign for a job.

And he didn’t get caught with pot in an airport, didn’t get pulled over on I-83 with a .14 BAC and never threw his coach or anyone else under the bus after a loss.

Guys like Gary Stills don’t come around much anymore.

On the field, he can be replaced, and will, of course.

Off the field, it’s going to be hard for the club to give someone number 56 and expect him to have the same character and integrity as Stills.

I’m a little less of a Ravens fan right now then I was an hour ago.