Ravens not looking for ways to lose, but defeats suddenly finding them

December 09, 2012 | Luke Jones

The turnovers resulted in six points for the Redskins, which allowed them to still be in the game for that final touchdown and two-point conversion to send the game into overtime.

“In the second half, I think it was probably just turnovers,” Flacco said. “We did a good job running the ball. The one down in our zone was probably the one that hurt most, on my part. … We just weren’t able to finish.”

Now, we’re left to wonder how the Ravens will finish over the final three weeks of the regular season and beyond. A postseason berth is all but elementary and they remain in excellent shape to win the division, but the Ravens’ quest to earn the No. 2 seed is growing more perilous by the week. They’ll need the New England Patriots to fall to Houston on Monday night to remain in position to seize the spot if they can knock off the Denver Broncos next week.

And even that’s a sobering thought considering the Broncos have won eight in a row and will be coming off extra rest after their Thursday night win in Week 14. The Ravens haven’t beaten a team led by Peyton Manning in 11 years as the former Indianapolis quarterback is having an MVP-caliber season in his first year with his new team.

Yes, the Ravens will be playing at home and coming off a difficult loss. That used to be a combination that meant you could expect a victory.

But the last two weeks have changed those notions.

The Ravens are trying to find their old selves, and that’s a scary reality when you’re entering Week 15. A swagger that was once an absolute is suddenly missing. Perhaps the expected return of veteran linebacker and spiritual leader Ray Lewis will provide the emotional boost they might need to put the last two weeks behind them.

They aren’t scared yet, but you could tell the Ravens were worried in the locker room following Sunday’s overtime defeat. This is the time of year for which Baltimore says it’s built, but a plethora of injuries and inconsistent play on each side of the ball have cost them dearly over the last two weeks.

And those losses have left everyone wondering what to expect next.

“There is no fear; that is not the word I would use,” linebacker Paul Kruger said. “It is definitely an urgent feeling. We have to win. That’s the bottom line.”