Ravens offense failing to grow up during changing times in Baltimore

October 21, 2012 | Luke Jones

The Ravens must evaluate their offensive line and determine if this is really the best starting five, especially if they’re going to rely so heavily on the passing game in lieu of more carries for Rice earlier in the game. Is the combination of Michael Oher and Kelechi Osemele really their best bet with top pass-blocking tackle Bryant McKinnie on the bench as Flacco gets hammered by opposing defenses more weeks than not?

Beyond that, it’s time for Flacco and the rest of the offense to take a long look at themselves and try to figure out why they can’t duplicate — or at least come close to duplicating — what they’ve able to produce in their home stadium.

If it’s about execution, then execute. No more excuses.

The defense isn’t there to pick up the pieces anymore.

If they’re not up to the task, then maybe the Ravens aren’t capable of being a top-flight team.

Sunday began a stretch of four of five games on the road, and we’ll have a much better idea of what kind of team this really is at the end of that stretch.

In order to play postseason games at M&T Bank Stadium, the Ravens will need to play better on the road. They’re 1-2 away from Baltimore this year with only a lackluster 9-6 win over Kansas City to their credit.

Yes, it’s only one loss and the Ravens still stand at 5-2 this season — a point that must be remembered over the next two weeks — but the style points have never looked uglier in the Harbaugh era than they did on Sunday.

The defense was poor, but that’s become the cruel reality to this point in the season for the new-look Ravens. Even if it’s too proud to admit it, the Baltimore defense needs help and plenty of it.

Not only was Flacco and the offense unable to do the job against the tough Texans, but they were knocked out cold in an unmerciful beating.

No more excuses for a group that’s shown capable of scoring plenty of points in its home stadium.

It’s time to grow up because your big brother isn’t there to bail you out anymore.