January 10, 2009 |

Tired, injured, on the road and now on their way to the AFC Championship Game.  Even as I write this I can’t really comprehend how the Ravens have gone from 5-11 to one game away from the Super Bowl.  It finally looked like the 17 straight games had caught up to the purple and black attack as Kerry Collins and company seemed to be moving the ball at will.  Every moment or so, another Raven went out from Willie Anderson to Samari Rolle to Terrell Suggs and Le’Ron McClain. 

Somehow, some way this group of mighty men, as Coach John Harbaugh calls them, found a way to win.  Did anyone see the brilliance of Rex Ryan, who for most the second half had the Ravens play a 4-3 instead of its usual 3-4?   How about the calmness and coolness of rookie quarterback Joe Flacco?  When the Ravens needed him to make plays, he did and once again no turnovers.  With the game on the line, they put the game in his hand and he delivered.  Matt Stover, is there anyone else you want for that kick?   I wouldn’t.

And what can we say about the job Harbaugh has done?  Did you notice which team played with discipline today and which team didn’t commit 12 penalties?  He has molded this team in his image, preaching one game at time.  We will long remember the scene of him and his father hugging on the sideline. 

Could we have ever imagined this five months ago?  In August we just hoped to have enough players to start the season.  Now next week, the Ravens head to either Pittsburgh or San Diego?  Who will be healthy we don’t know, but one thing is for sure, the Ravens are on a magical run.   One we could have never imagined and one I hope lasts for at least three more weeks.

Like Coach Harbaugh preaches one game at a time.  Can next Sunday get here already?