Ravens pre camp thoughts and Terrell Suggs

July 18, 2008 |

With the Ravens getting ready to start to report to camp on Monday, here are a couple of quick thoughts heading into camp:
          There is no doubt that Joe Flacco is the quarterback of the future, I still think that Troy Smith will be under center to start the season. The more interesting conversation to me will be who will be the number 2 quarterback. Troy has the players respect and will not be afraid to get in someone’s face that might need it. If you are Troy, this is your shot to prove what you can do, I mean let’s be honest he is smart enough to see that Flacco is the guy for the future.
          If I am a betting man, I say Terrell Suggs does not show up to camp. Now interesting enough, Suggs is scheduled to talk to the media this week at camp, but I have a strong feeling he will not be there. Now who knows if this will be a whole camp holdout or week long hold out, but I say he will not be there.
          Speaking of Suggs when people say he had a bad year last year, they are basing that on his sack total being down and he had no interceptions. Suggs had a career high in tackles, solo tackles, and assisted tackles.
          This could be a huge pro bowl caliber year for Todd Heap. Todd has battled injuries the last couple of years, but has looked good during the camps so far. Now granted he has not been hit or has not run up and down the field at game speed, but under Cam Cameron’s offense, Todd could have a huge year.
          It will be interesting to see how the veterans handle not being able to go home at night after camp starts. Coach Harbaugh has made it perfectly clear that there will be no more going home at night after practice. Now on the surface that might sound like a silly thing, but it could be something to see if a player speaks out about it this year.
          I am interested to see how Coach Harbaugh handles running a camp and the dealing with a media on a daily basis. I have been very impressed with everything that I have seen and both heard as to how he has been doing things since taking over as the head coach, but this will be a interesting thing to watch develop. How does he handle the media? How does he handle the heat and injuries that happen at camp? How does he handle the daily questions about when Terrell Suggs might report to camp?
          This and many other things will be what I will be talking about here on WNST with blogs and also with audio. We will have some weekly segments and features each week as the Ravens begin the Coach John Harbaugh era.