Ravens Q&A time and quarterback watch ’08

September 02, 2008 |

As the world turns as it relates to the Ravens quarterback situation, here is another chance to do a Ravens questions and answers session.
Here is my take on the quarterback situation:
There were apparently two quarterbacks at the facility all day yesterday that would be new to the team. One of them was Joey Harrington while the other one could be Todd Bouman. The Ravens acknowledged that they did work out three guys yesterday, but did not confirm if they had signed or where close to signing any of them. I think this all gets played out in the next 24 hours.
With all of these quarterbacks coming in, this is even more of a clear indication that Kyle Boller is headed to injured reserve. The team has denied that he will need surgery, but said there was some medicine in his arm and that they would know more by Friday. Kyle has told people that he will not be playing this year. The reason, I guess, to keep his injury a secret for as long as they did was to keep teams like Cincinnati guessing. Well, yesterday Coach Harbaugh said Joe Flacco would be starting and that there was a good chance that Boller and Troy Smith were out. So much for the guesswork.
As Troy Smith goes in this carousel, Troy looks like he is still ill. Troy told reporters yesterday that he has lost about 25 pounds and is still on antibiotics. Troy could be two to three weeks from getting back on the football field, which makes you wonder if he is in jeopardy for the season. Troy did not want to get into much detail about what was going on with him right now. He said he was just glad to be around teammates and out of the hospital.
Casey Bramlet is another piece in this whole quarterback puzzle. I look for Casey to be activated on Saturday to be Joe’s backup for Sunday versus the Bengals. Bramlet has a working knowledge of Cam Cameron’s offense and could be ready to come in if Flacco was to get hurt.
Here is my prediction: Kyle Boller gets put on injured reserve and is done for the year. The Ravens then sign a new quarterback, probably in the next 24 hours. Troy Smith will be a touch and go situation for a couple of weeks. If it looks like he might be able to come back in three weeks, then they ride out the storm with Flacco, a new quarterback (Harrington or Simms) and Bramlet. If Troy is out for longer than that, or if there is more to his illness than we know, they bring in a third quarterback. Just looking at Troy, I am guessing it will be hard for him to be back on the field in three weeks.
I was asked this yesterday, but had computer issues later in the evening and was not able to respond, but Coach Harbaugh also told us that there where four wide receivers who were brought in to work out yesterday. We were not given the names of those players, but it makes you wonder about the health of Marcus Smith. Marcus has been nursing an injury for the last week or so and maybe there are some concerns about his health for the next couple of weeks.
Joe Flacco has earned rave reviews from staff in the Ravens organization and not just for his play on the field. This weekend it was pretty quiet around the facility and most people were away for the weekend. However, there was Joe Flacco in the facility most of the weekend watching film and talking to anyone in the facility about football. I am not saying that he will turn out to be Peyton Manning, Tom Brady or Johnny Unitas, but he has what looks like all the potential in the world to show why he was a first round draft pick.

Now bring on those Ravens questions…

That’s what I’m here for! LOL…