Ravens – Redskins maybe closer than you think

December 07, 2008 |

Here are a couple of things the Ravens need to do tonight :

1. Run, Run, Run : The Redskins come in as a top 10 defense against the run, but the Ravens have three good running backs they can attack them with tonight. Whether you just need one of them to have a big game, or all three, stay in attack mode with the running game. The running game will wear down the Redskins defense, it may not be pretty, but will probably lead to success.

2. Make Jason Campbell one dimensional– I do not think Campbell is as good as a quarterback as people make him out to be sometimes. Tonight if he is going to help his team win, it will be with his arm. I do not think that Clinton Portis will be a factor in tonight’s game, this making Jason have to beat you throwing the football. He has a decent receiving corp, but I do not think he will have time to scan the field and pick apart the Ravens. He has only thrown 4 interceptions this year, but I think the Ravens get him for a couple tonight.

3. Stay away from the secondary– The Redskins have a very talented secondary and have done a nice job with the addition of DeAngelo Hall. The Redskins secondary has a bunch of guys that they can throw at you with Hall, Landry, Smoot, Rogers, Horton, Springs, and a couple other guys. The Ravens offense may just have to settle for intermediate passes, which might mean a lot of Heap and the backs catching the ball out of the backfield.

I do think this game will be closer than most people have this week. I am predicting a 17-13 Ravens win tonight. I just think Redskins will keep it close, I think the weather will be a factor, but the Ravens are just a better team right now.

I will admit that I thought the Eagles were going to beat the Ravens a couple of weeks ago, and I was obviously wrong about that.