Ravens set to raise ticket prices for 2013 season

February 19, 2013 | WNST Staff

On the heels of their second Super Bowl title in 13 years, the Ravens will reportedly raise ticket prices for the first time in four seasons.

According to The Sun, the Super Bowl XLVII champions had already planned to increase prices before their triumph in New Orleans. Since opening M&T Bank Stadium in 1998, the Ravens had typically followed a pattern of raising tickets costs every other year but refrained from doing so in 2011 due to concerns of the NFL lockout that took place during the offseason.

Season ticket holders will receive renewal letters this week, with ticket prices expected to go up by an average of 10 percent.

The Ravens are also expected to announce a two-year plan later this week for renovations and improvements to their home stadium.

Baltimore has sold out every regular-season home game since opening the downtown stadium in 1998.