All things considered, Ravens smell okay

December 21, 2009 |

It’s easy to pile on when a team stinks as bad as the Bears.  Frankly, that performance against the Ravens yesterday justifies an all out dog pile from Chicago fans.  That was a stinker.  A mail-in.  A turd.  A deuce.


I’ll give it to the Ravens.  At least when they stunk, they tried.  Not so much for the Bears.


They’re obviously a team in disarray.  Lovie Smith is on the ropes.  Matt Forte is now just another mediocre back.  The defense isn’t half of what it was when Urlacher and Co. muscled their way into the Super Bowl just three seasons ago. 


But nothing compares to the stench of that cat wearing number 6.  Jay Cutler.




Back in 2003, Mike Maroth lost 21 games for the woeful Detroit Tigers.  Now, losing 21 isn’t easy.  Maroth started 33 games that year and logged 193+ innings.  Obviously, the Tigers stunk, and the objective was to get the kid some experience against big league hitters.  Unfortunately for him, the tag of 20 game loser won’t serve the Tigers very well in 2010, but works fine for outraged bloggers, such as myself, for all eternity.


The point? 


Cutler is a 20 game loser this year.


After that embarrassment at M&T yesterday, the kid from Vanderbilt has thrown it to the wrong team 25 times already this season.  They’re 5-9. 


Keep in mind that the Bears wanted this guy.  They wheeled and dealed with the Broncos to send the eccentric Kyle Orton to Mile High in exchange for the 4500 yard kid from Santa Claus, Indiana.  They thought he would be the final cog in the wheel.  The missing link. 


What a bust.


I can think of a few guys that played in Baltimore that scratch the Cutler surface.  


Kevin Millar was my least favorite Oriole of all time.  He was like Cutler.  He came from a decent team.  The guy ‘Cowboyed’ himself to a World Series Ring, in fact.  But when he started wearing black and orange, he found new ways to strand guys at third with less than two outs that no one ever deemed possible.  I could smell that guy from Rosedale he stunk so bad.


There was little expectation of Gregg Zaun this second time around, but that guy still managed to pollute the air in Charm City.  Good riddance.


Elvis Grbac was no savior.  In fact, Grbac threw 18 picks in 14 games in 2001, and had a rating some 4 points less than Cutler’s this year.


Glenn Davis.


Albert Belle.


Still, I can’t fathom the remorse that Bears’ fans feel this holiday season. 


I guess the moral of the story here is to be thankful for what you’ve got- a team with a lot to play for this Sunday in Pittsburgh, and a front office that never puts itself in a predicament like this, with all their eggs in one basket like Chicago has with Jay Cutler.


Fact is, those are some rotten eggs, and they’re stinking up the joint.