Ravens Starting Off With Negatives

July 27, 2010 | Tom Federline

Ok, it’s the end of July and the Orioles have “tanked” it. Sooooo, “Let’s Go Ravens”, there must be positives with that organization…… Wrong. Yes, there are some……the potential for a kick butt offense. But that is not what is making the headlines. This is what has been thrust onto us: Neg Story 1 – Ed Reed is Whining, Neg Story 2 – Ravens First Draft Pick Falls Down Two Flights of Stairs, Neg Story 3 – Ravens Second Draft Pick Fails Conditioning Test, Neg Story 4 – Five Ravens Defensive Backs are on the PUP List (Physically Unable to Perform), Neg Story 5 – Why are Indy Horseshoes the first thing I see when I go to the Ravens main website? Believe me I am not looking for negativity. The Orioles organization has once again produced enough of that. Come on Ravens, you’re our only hope for 2010.

Neg Story 1 – Last week, Ed (please retire) Reed, is spouting off about how the Ravens have been mistreating him. ER – “I’m not 13, I’m 31, so treat me accordingly.” ER – “There are 6 or 7 players in front of me (financially) at my position…..that I wouldn’t let hold my jock…..and I don’t even wear one.” Well Edward, a few thoughts to ponder: a. What do you want them to hold. b. Are those 6 or 7 hurt? How is their hip, neck, back and groin? c. Maybe if you act 31 years old, you may get treated like your 31. How about this Edward, take your 6 million per year, $16,500/day/365 days a year, re-hab yourself, keep quiet and play football (if you still can). Please Edward, say it ain’t so, you’re not whining, “For the Love of Money” – The O’Jays.

Neg Story 2 – Sergio (Wake Up Call) Kindle is out for all of training camp. We can only hope there is a better explanation besides the one that has been published. We can only hope the young kid recovers from the reported “fractured skull”. What exactly is 2 flights of stairs? Is it 24 stairs straight down? 12 stairs (make a turn at the landing), then another 12? Fall down 12 stairs,  get up go to the basement stairs and fall down 12 more? Was it that dark? Is “this house”, he was visiting, in a cave? He made a wrong turn? How many times have you made a wrong turn at a “house you were visiting”, not knowing where the bathroom was and fallen down not one, but two flights of stairs? Unfortunately, this young kid already has established a challenged history and this latest escapade isn’t going help. Oh that’s right, the Ravens and Sergio haven’t agreed to a salary yet, so he’s not signed. He’s been holding out for mo’ money, rut-row. Best talk to your agent Serge and get a “life coach”. A fractured skull on a potential NFL Linebacker? Just doesn’t sound right. Kind of like the whole story out of Austin, Texas.

Neg Story 3 – Terence (400 lb. hair boy) Cody shows up and fails the “Conditioning test” and is not ready to play (in the NFL). Strike two Ozzie.

Neg Story 4 – There are 10 players on the PUP list. Five are defensive backs and may be out six games. The major weakness of the Baltimore Ravens – the defensive backfield – will be missing at least three supposed starters. I am a huge fan of Ed Reed (The Ball Player) – he is the third captain on this team and one of the best ever to field his position. But the injuries are a huge question mark. Lardarius Webb hurt – not good, he is the second best they have out there. The rest – unless there are some diamonds in the rough – can be beaten by any offense in the league. Any team (if they would predominantly pass) should be able to march down the field at will. Speaking of the passing game – How about TO and Chad (85) Johnson together in Cinncy? Rut-row.

Neg Story 5 – Do the Orioles and Ravens share PR departments? You click on the Ravens website and the first thing you see is the last snap of the Baltimore Colt….I mean Indy Horseshoes.. game last year, the Ravens walking off the field after a 20 -3 lashing. I don’t care what “highlights” come after that………I don’t care what message they are trying to get across……….poor jump start.

As previously stated, I was not searching for negativity. It was thrown into our faces. How about some positives – Come on Offense, that could be something special. Come on Ray-Ray, One Mo’ Time, please. Come on Ravens – after this start, things potentially should get better. Now, let me call my 10 year old neighbor. I think he was looking to walk out with like $500/day for getting “steroid signatures”…..I mean autographs…. for the (20, 30, 40, 50+ year old), football junkies, anxiously waiting on the outskirts for their “fix”. Stay positive now…………..