Ravens thoughts

May 05, 2008 |

Some thoughts about the Ravens:
          Will we find out this week whether or not Jonathan Ogden is coming back or not? This is a mandatory camp, so we will have to see if he shows up. The other issue is do the Ravens fine him if he is not here for camp?
          We will also have to see where Terrell Suggs is at. Suggs can show up and attend meetings, but can’t participate in practice because he is not under contract. There has been no announced date on his hearing as to his franchise tag. From what I understand, the Ravens can’t fine him if he does not show up to mandatory camp since he is not under contract with the team.
          The Ravens organization did a classy thing Saturday when the whole organization went down to run with O.J. Brigance to raise money for ALS. There is not a more positive person on the face of the earth than O.J. Any time you get a chance to talk to him or just pass him in the hall, he always brings a smile to your face.
          Marshal Yanda taking snaps at center is not a slap in the face at Jason Brown or Chris Chester; it is more of the Ravens making sure they weigh all their options before they decide on one guy. In my opinion, Jason is the best center on this team, but he is no good at guard, you have to weigh what is best for the team.
          Kyle Boller and Troy Smith are saying all the right things as it relates to Joe Flacco, except Troy calling him John. I was impressed in what I saw from Troy the two times that I have had a chance to see him in practice.
          Early on I have seen why Cam Cameron wanted some big tall wide outs. Several occasions we saw the fade/jump ball routes run during practice. During those passes, Troy Smith was very accurate.
          I am looking forward to seeing all of the rookies come in and how they react when they realize they are on the field with Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and other Raven star players. I am also looking forward to meeting Tom Zbikowski again. I had a chance to meet Tommy at the combine in Indy this year and was very impressed with him. You will see Tommy in some advertisements with Under Armour as he has signed on with the company. I have been given a heads up that he prefers to be called Tommy instead of Tom. I don’t want to see what happens if you call him Tom.