Ravens Training Camp 7/28/08

July 28, 2008 |

So the morning practice went off with out any players having to be carted off the field. This morning also featured an appearance by the new Ravens live mascot. Here are some other news notes from the morning practice:
          Still no official word on Haloti Ngata. Haloti was seen walking out of the team locker room after practice, but was never on the field during the practice.
          Jared Gaither was not at practice but I saw him here at the team hotel with a walking boot on
          Kyle Boller took the first snaps under center today and his first pass was intercepted by Dawan Landry
          During a redzone drill, tackle Mike Kracalik caught a pass on a play. That was of course after he ran the wrong direction the play before.
          One of the highlight throws of the day was a Troy Smith to Ernie Wheelwright completion which appeared as if Chris McAlister was trying to jump the route
          Derrick Mason was doing a lot of trash talking to the defense today. He was yelling to the offense to attack the defense
          Ray Rice and Bart Scott had a head on collision to which neither player gave up much ground. Ray went to the ground after a second player hit him. While lying on the ground Bart Scott walked by and slapped Ray’s helmet off of him.
          Joe Flacco was very good in the team redzone drill, throwing for a touchdown and making a nice handoff to Ray Rice for a diving over the pile touchdown.
          Troy Smith had a middle of the road day. He made a couple of nice throws and a couple of bad throws. All three of the quarterbacks have been about even in the competition so far.
          John Harbaugh helped out on the special teams practice taking on Prescott Burgess and Gary Stills in a blocking drill.
          Ray Rice continues to be very impressive with his runs and explosiveness. He is not afraid of contact or taking on defenders.


Today will be a day that maybe we will get an idea of what exactly happened to Haloti Ngata and how serious the injury is. I am heading over to the field a little bit earlier this morning as I noticed a bunch of cars with Ravens theme logos on the vehicle.
As I was doing a report with Drew on the Comcast Morning Show, Jared Gaither walked by with a boot/brace on his right leg.
Updates after the morning practice and will hopefully have some news on a shirt that is being worn by players with a picture from the Ali vs Liston fight.
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