Ravens Must Have WR Plan

April 27, 2009 | Peter Dilutis

Here we are a few days after the draft, and other than an undrafted free agent or 2, the Ravens have not significantly upgraded their WR position.

They passed on Kenny Britt and Hakeem Nicks in the 1st round.  They didn’t get a trade done with Boldin, nor did they select a receiver in the later rounds.

Now, I do not believe it’s time to panic. That is the difference between the Ravens and the Orioles in past years. Regardless of how much Ozzie talks up the return of Demetrius Williams, and the production of Mason and Clayton, he knows as well as we all do here in Baltimore that in order to take that next step, we need to upgrade the WR position in some way.

After week 10, no receiver caught a pass other than Mason or Clayton. The Ravens cannot go another year with no production out of a slot receiver. Banking on Williams to stay healthy is risky; counting on him to also break out seems like a longshot, Giacomo style.

Maybe they trade 2010 draft picks for one of the WR’s still said to be on the block, whether it’s a Chad Johnson, Braylon Edwards, or Anquan Boldin. Perhaps they sign Marvin Harrison, who should still be good for 600-700 yards and a half dozen TD’s, which would be more than welcome in this offense.

It will be interesting to see how the Ravens improve the WR position as we move thorugh the second half of the offseason. Make no mistake about it, the Ravens know that they must improve their passing game, and there is no doubt that they will figure out a way to bring in a new, top weapon for Joe Flacco.

They protected their franchise QB with their first round pick, which was a good move. In fact, I’m even more confident in Ozzie after he once again proved that he will take the best player on his board, even if it does not represent an immediate need. 

Now it’s time to get him another target. And they will.