Ravens win in San Diego and I, now, officially believe in magic

November 25, 2012 | Drew Forrester

That does it.

I’m a believer.

You people can continue with your in-game rants about Cam Cameron and Joe Flacco and the Ravens offense.  I’ll just sit back for the rest of the season and watch them snatch victory from the jaws of defeat on their way to New Orleans in early February.

I’m serious.  You can try and figure out a way to turn that win over the Chargers into a loss, but it’s not going to happen.  Bark about Cam Cameron all you want, but he’s the Offensive Coordinator of a team that’s 9-2.  Whine and complain about Joe Flacco until next Sunday when he dismantles that Steelers defense in a 27-10 win, but you’ll be whining about a quarterback who is 9-2 and headed to the playoffs for the 5th straight year.

You people can keep trying to convince yourself that this Ravens team stinks, but all you’re going to do is come out with egg on your face come January. Until today’s unlikely triumph over the Chargers, I was right there with you.  I was a complainer and a moaner and a “how can we keep winning like this?” goofball after all of those fluky wins over Kansas City and Cleveland and Dallas and even Pittsburgh last week, where the Ravens barely snuck past Fred Sanford at quarterback for the Steelers.

But after watching Sunday’s game in San Diego unfold, I’m going over to the dark side with John Harbaugh.

It was a win.

That’s it.

The coach will say that over and over on Monday in his press conference and I’ll just nod my head in agreement.

The Ravens pulled off a true miracle against the Chargers – the likes of which we’ve never seen – connecting on a 4th and 29 in the final two minutes of the game and later using a Justin Tucker field goal in overtime to win, 16-13.

It was the ultimate rabbit-out-of-the-hat-trick that you’d see from David Copperfield.

And it sold me for the rest of the season.

Somehow, someway, despite the lethargic road offense – again – Baltimore stayed alive long enough to let the Chargers defense collapse at just the right moment.  And when the Chargers whiffed on three tackle tries on that 4th and 29 play, the Ravens heartbeat pumped just enough blood into Joe Flacco and his wide receivers to tie the game, then win it in overtime after Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith made huge 3rd down grabs with the game on the line.

It was a miracle.

But it went the way we all wanted it.

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  1. Mark Says:

    I jumped on board after last week when Suggs said that since he came on board the Ravens had a top defense and no rings to show for it. So, all that matters is winning and that is what this team is doing. I know it is not pretty but 9 and 2 is still 9 and 2. Joe and Cam still drive me crazy but all this team does is win. I am on board!

  2. T S Elliott Says:

    Suddenly, it feels like the whacky 2000 season! We’re destined to complain all the way to the SuperBowl! Before you know it, Suggs will be Superbowl MVP and in a twist of fate, Tucker will get the invite to the Disney parade instead. By the way, typo in your article — it’s David “Copperfield”, not “Cooperfield”. David Cooperfield was the magician at plenty of Bar mitzvahs back in the 70’s wasn’t he? Or was he the balloon guy? (DF: It says Copperfield in the blog.)

  3. Mark Says:

    Fred Sanford? Makes no sense and is racist to me. (DF: You must not have watched the show. He was old and broken down and could barely walk. Like Leftwich last week. BTW, sorry about your Steelers today. bawahahahahah!)

  4. John in Westminster Says:

    You want magic? How about a beatdown of the Steelers next week coupled with a Charger win, ticked about losing to us and taking it out on the Bengals and the Ravens lock up the division with 4 games to play. Abracadabra!!

  5. unitastoberry Says:

    Damndist season I can remember since 2000.Glad to see the new kicker come thru.

  6. Robert Says:

    This edition of the Ravens reminds me of this year’s Orioles; winning despite the “numbers”. Frequently in team sports, the sum is greater than the parts. I look forward to more than one home game when we make the playoffs, notwithstanding my pre-season wager that the Ravens would not make the playoffs. That bet is one I’ll be happy to lose. Cheers.

  7. The Armchair QB Says:

    The Ravens are ultra-conservative on the road until they get behind and have to become more aggressive. Flacco’s right when he says they can produce when they “have to” because they have enough talent to win “in spite” of, not “because of”……coaching! You and I will continue to disagree on this opinion! Ray Rice’s brilliant 4th and 29 run for a first down was not the designed play; it was a “checkdown” and may provide the impetus to carry this team all the way to the Super Bowl! As some have noted, we won a Super Bowl with a “dysfunctional” offense, so here’s hoping we “catch lightening in a bottle”….again!

  8. tsnamm Says:

    Drew it was the most unprecedented win I can remember in a long time…kudos goes to the Defense who held Rivers and the Chargers to 13 points so that the Offense could wake up in the 4th. The Ravens will need to continue to find ways to win, as we will need to get some home games in the playoffs, lest we get a repeat of the week 7 beatdown, if the AFC has to go thru Houston. Granted the Defense is playing a lot more like those we remember, but if the Offense decides to have another 3 quarter no show on the road, we will be in big trouble. BTW did you notice how many “ex-Ravens” were on the Chargers?

  9. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    Steal a Win, Steal a Win. Thank God for Smoke and Mirrors, and we will take it !!!

  10. Lisa, Aberdeen Says:

    Funny you mentioin miracles – I posted on FB w/ 7+ mins left in game “Short of a miracle”. Well I too believe in miracles. I really did’t think they could pull that one out but they proved me wrong. In the future, I’d like the offense not to wait until 5+ minutes in game to make their move. Now I need a new rug as I wore a hole in it from pacing back and forth.

    The one positive thing I did see on the D this week, they were able to get off the field, for the most part, on 3rd down conversions.

    Bottom line, Ravens are 9-2.

  11. dave hittinger Says:

    Suggs has completely changed the complexion of the defense. He’s an absolute beast. I like this team, but really don’t see them going too far in the playoffs.

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