Ravens win in San Diego and I, now, officially believe in magic

November 25, 2012 | Drew Forrester

And now, at 9-2, the Ravens can eliminate the Steelers from AFC North contention with a win in Baltimore next Sunday afternoon.

That’s how big the win in San Diego turned out to be for John Harbaugh’s team.

At 4th and 29, they were staring 8-3 in the face and a tie with New England and Denver in the AFC.  A Ray Rice catch-and run plus two Justin Tucker field goals later, the Ravens can keep Pittsburgh from winning the division title next Sunday.

Yes, Baltimore’s offense only managed one touchdown on Sunday in San Diego.

It was ugly for the most part.

Sure, John Harbaugh lost his mind for a moment when the score was 10-3 and he went for it on 4th and 1 instead of kicking a field goal that would have made it 10-6.

Most of the time, those boneheaded decisions come back to haunt you.

But the Chargers are 4-7 (now) for a reason.

And they showed it on that 4th and 29 play.

Meanwhile, it’s time for all of us to stop trying to figure out this Ravens team.  I have no idea how they’re doing this and neither do they.  But they’re going to stick with the “a win is a win” mantra all week at Owings Mills and you know what, I’m going to sign on as a subscriber first thing Monday morning.  There’s no other way to go.  You can either buy in or spend the rest of the season pulling your hair out.

They had no business winning on Sunday in San Diego.


Lyle Lovett had no business marrying a hottie like Julia Roberts — but he did.

And so it goes.

The Ravens are 9-2, having played much more like a team that could, honestly, be 6-5.  But 9-2 is 9-2.  And that’s what they are.

Say it with me:  “Nine and two is nine and two…”

Come on, you can do it.

“Nine and two is nine and two…”

And a win is a win.

I’m on board.