Ravens Wrap-Up

January 21, 2010 | Tom Federline

Positive – they went further than I thought. Negative – Dolts 20 Ravens 3, ouch, that was ugly. One drive (resulting in a FG) and two bone jarring (legal), hits by The Leader (Big Ray-Ray), and that was about it. Except…….for these two beauties:

1. Quote from Dan Dierdork – “Peyton Manning is the most intelligent quarterback in the history of the NFL.” Three seconds following that worthless comment…… Flag – Delay of Game – 5 yard penalty  on #18, he couldn’t get a play called in 45 seconds. What timing – perfect example of “the most intelligent QB in the History of the NFL.” Peyton Manning is probably in the top 10, a Hall of Famer and he makes pretty cool commercials. Even if Dierdork believes he has given birth to Peytons children, Manning is not the greatest.  The worst part is, somebody pays Dierdork to open his mouth and allow verbiage to expel.

2. The biggy – Plain as day on national television – Joe Flacco “discussing” the dire situation of the Ravens offense with Cam “should be fired/needs help” Cameron. Could you read Joes lips? This is not verbatim, but close – “I have to be able to make a call out there” (Joe pointing to field). If someone has the game taped, please try and decipher his exact words and forward. One of the main problems out there this year – Joe not calling off or calling off correctly. To many times this year, I saw Derick Mason, Todd Heap, McGahee, Flacco, come off the field and vehemently express their concerns to Cameron and Horribaugh, but to no avail. Really, they shouldn’t have been allowed to yell at their “supposed” coaches in the first place……………..but the players were right.

Season’s over. My thoughts on (tw0), 3-headed monsters:

Monster 1 – Little Ray-Ray (Rice), Leron McClain and What you talkin’ ’bout Willis-McGahee. Keep them all. Keep them at any cost. Just get somebody who knows how to use…. ALL (3) of them!

Monster 2 – Steve Bisciotti, Ozzie Newsome, John Harbaugh. It all starts at the top. The young, successful, rich, business man, owner – Steve Bisciotti, knows this. He also should know – You lead by example! Who are the players (let’s say employees – more along his terms), working for, Steve? Do they know you and what you expect, Steve? Or is it all on Rays shoulders? What do you do, Steve? Besides, sit in your double-wide suite, smoking cigars on your seating balcony and sign checks. Isn’t there a “non-smoking” policy within the seating bowl? Or is it “non-smoking …..except for Steve Bisciotti”? Just what these kids need –  An example of – “I have alot of money, I am important, I can do whatever I want.” I know I’m pushing it a little there….but it is wrong. Set standards, Bisciotti – Art Modell did! Ozzie Newsome – Fire 1/2 of the 24 coaches and their assistants-assistant, do not re-hire. Make people accountable. Lose Cameron and send Horribaugh to an Anthony Rollins – Self Help Seminar. Then start worrying about wide receivers, defensive backs and re-signings. John Horribaugh –  He’s to young. He needs to grow up, quickly or resign. Let Jonathan Ogden and Derick Mason coach offense and Big Ray-Ray coach defense. Head coach (somebody to answer media questions – Matt Stover). Why didn’t we see more of Troy Smith?

Thers’ my six cents worth and here’s a quick summary. Season negatives: Terrible Suggs, letting Matt Stover go, letting Bart Scott go, Domonique Foxworth, Frank Walker, where was Paul Kruger and Coaching! Positives: Big Ray-Ray, Little Ray-Ray, Matt Birk, Michael Oher, Lardarius Webb, Haloti Ngata. But really gang, for me, win or lose, the A – #1 most positive events of this season and any season are………….experiencing it with my daughter, tailgating and living through the “Barrel of Fire” with lifelong friends:

Gotta love those tailgate traditions. The Ravens need change and it has to start at the top. “Cha, Cha, Changes – time to face the strange….” – (David Bowie – one of my top 5). Go Ravens!