Ray Lewis picked first

November 15, 2008 |

It is true, Ray Lewis has been selected first overall.

However it is not that Ray Lewis that plays on Sunday’s for the Ravens, it is his son Ray Lewis III, who was selected first overall for the upcoming Football University Youth All-American Bowl that will be played on Jan. 4.

The Football University All-American Bowl will be made up of two games. One will feature the top 60 seventh-graders in the country and the second game will feature the top eighth-graders in the country. Ray Lewis III was selected as the first pick for the eighth-grade game.

Ray Lewis III played linebacker and quarterback for Lake Mary Prep this year and is a four sport athlete.  Here is a quote from the varsity head coach at Lake Mary Prep, “he smells the football as a linebacker.Great instincts.” The coach went on to add that he hopes Lewis is on campus next year and will be apart of their varsity squad. Lewis said he has yet to decide where he will go to high school