Ray Lewis says “hit or be hit”

November 13, 2008 |

Ray Lewis had some interesting comments during a conference call with the New York media about the Giants and their number one rushing attack facing the Ravens number one against stopping the run on Sunday.

Here are some of the highlights of the conference call and highlights of Ray’s quotes:

Q:So in a game like this where you know they are going to run, do you get more excited for it?

No matter what somebody is good at, if we see a good passing attack, we know that our secondary, our front four, have to get after their front to make sure they don’t have enough time.  If it is the run, it is something that we have lived by our whole life.  The bottom line is that we stop the run.  That is fact.   We are not talking about anything so if you get up for it or not, I don’t think so.  I just think you just come in and do what you do.  Know what I am saying?  Because when you get up for it – that means individually you try to do something more special than you should be doing.  And for me right now, I just want my defense playing the way we are playing.  Understanding the way they run the ball.  They run the ball very effectively.  They use their three running backs in ways that you don’t see a lot of people – that is kind of like ‘old school.’  They have a very ‘old school’ mentality.  And you can kind of see why they are the defending Super Bowl champs right now.  Because they have that ‘old school’ mentality that, we are going to establish the run.  And I am a true believer of if you run the ball in this League, you are going to have success.  And that is why I believe a lot of their credit goes to their running game.  They are using those three backs tremendously, just getting them out, I think, over 200 yards the last two games.  So I just think they are doing a great thing.  But I think being over excited I think you take yourself out of the mode on who you are as a team and as a defense as well.

Q: There aren’t too many running backs in the League that are almost 270 pounds.  When you look at Brandon Jacobs what do you see in him and what is the best way to stop him?

A:  He is a physical back.  He is a physical back.  He plays the game very physical.  The only way to stop somebody like that is to run into them full speed.  …………….  The name of football is hit or be hit.  So the bottom line, I don’t care how big his size is, how big …. Of that is.  Football is football.  And when you strap on your chin strap I don’t care how big you are, deal with whoever has the ball and let life take care of itself.  You know what I’m saying?  You just know that I’m not – as a middle linebacker – you don’t want to let them start getting to your secondary like you see the Eagles and a lot of people did.  Like big gaping holes the way he is getting up on your corners and your secondary.  I don’t think that is an even match.  But when you are dealing with the front seven in there with linebackers meeting running backs and fullbacks and things, then let it take care of itself.  But our job is just to not let him get to our secondary because he can be an imposing threat back there.

 Q: A little different, though.  You don’t run into a 264-pound running back very often.

A:  Okay, so what are you going to do, run from it?  No, you just play football.  It doesn’t matter – you care about – I don’t look on the schedule and look at somebody’s weight and say, “Oh, guess what, he is 260.  I can’t run into him.”  Hell no.  I’m chasing him.  It doesn’t matter; size has never mattered in this game.  And the day you put size in this game you lose all your creditability on why you play the game.  You play the game for that.  You play the game – I remember these same stories about how Eddie George was.  He was so big and so bruising.  Okay, let football take care of itself.  That is what it has  always done and it always will do the same thing.
Q:The Giants offensive line has been playing very well lately.  What do you see when you look at them?

A:  They are very aggressive and they stay on their blocks.  They are getting after people.  You see these backs and not to take any credit away from these backs, but they are running into a hole so big – you are sitting there saying, “What in the world?”  When you watch film you are like, “Okay, I have to move on to another film because I have to see at least somebody”  – and things like that.  So I just think offensively they have a great chemistry on the offensive line.  I think they are really picking up a lot of the blitzes and dogs that people are trying to run at them. And that is why I think a lot of – being a veteran crew like that – I think it takes away a lot of pressure on your quarterback when you do have a veteran offensive line that.


This one is going to be good on Sunday.