Ray Lewis sitting down last Saturday night

August 21, 2008 |

So last Saturday I mentioned how I noticed Ray Lewis go and sit on the bench during the team introductions for the game versus the Vikings. So today I was made aware of this  by a Ravens employee who told me that Ray was on the sideline testing the radio in his helmet. Now, I will say I did not see that happen, but it might have very well have happened.  There will be a blog on the Ravens website in the next day or two addressing that topic and why Ray was on the sideline Saturday night during introductions.
So according to the team as it relates to Ray and sitting down on Saturday night, he was testing the headset in his helmet. Again I did not see that happen while I watched him and am not the only one that wrote about it, but I was pulled aside by a Ravens employee today and told that is why he was sitting there. So in fairness I thought I would relay that information. I am man enough to listen to it and willing to talk to Ray Lewis about it.
Also was informed, that the Ravens will do individual introductions this year and that Ray will be introduced out of the tunnel, but not every home game.