Ray Lewis Walks Out?

May 02, 2008 |

There is an article in the PressBox claiming Ray Lewis skipped out of the first Ravens’ OTA.  I have heard that this did not happen.  I am not bashing Stan Charles or saying that it is not true, but here are somethings I know are facts:
          Ray Lewis never had three lockers in the Ravens locker room. He had two; one which he started using after Ed Reed moved his locker down to the other side of the locker room.
          I understand all players were told that they will only have one locker and that a majority of the lockers would be getting moved around.
          Ray’s locker did not move.  There are a couple of veterans that did not get their lockers moved, Ray being one of them. The other locker that Ray used is now boarded up, as are other lockers that are not assigned to a player so that everyone knows they aren’t to take empty lockers over.
          Here is a picture of Ray at the first practice for the Ravens, from the team’s official website. If you look in the middle of the picture, you can see Ray’s face almost looking back at the camera. Ray is wearing a skull cap in the picture.
          I was present for the second OTA practice Ray was there. He had fun running around talking trash to the offense and helped guys out on defense.
          Ray informed the team he would not attend day three of OTA because of a school event for one of his kids.  Ray does not have to be at any of these practices. These early OTAs are voluntary and not mandatory  until next weekend.
 –        I have not always been the biggest Ray supporter but I respect the fact that he came back to Baltimore to show his new coach support and be a team leader.
Those are the facts that I have. I am not saying that the article in PressBox is a lie but several people I spoke with said that it simply did not happen. So I wanted to present the facts as I know them.