Ray Lewis: “What have the Jets won?”

September 09, 2010 | Drew Forrester

The usual mid-week players-at-the-podium vanilla session took a turn for the better this afternoon when Ray Lewis lowered the boom on Rex Ryan and the New York Jets.

Leave it to Ray to say out loud what a lot of people in Baltimore and around the league are thinking:  “The season hasn’t even started yet and all you people can do is talk about the Jets.”

That’s generally what Ray said today.  In fact, to hear it all word-for-word, hustle right here to our Buy A Toyota.Com audio vault.

I can’t imagine John Harbaugh will be thrilled to hear that his number one rock star took on the Jets, but it beats the typical “PR manual” answers you hear from most athletes these days.

It all started innocently enough earlier today when a local reporter asked Ray about last night’s edition of “Hard Knocks” in which Rex Ryan claimed he allowed Ray Lewis to call a few players in a pre-season games some years ago and Lewis botched the opportunity.

Ray – who went on to say he didn’t watch last night’s show and wouldn’t really comment on that specific issue brought to light by Rex Ryan – then went into a 3-minute rant in which he laughed at the amount of pre-season hype the Jets have been afforded by the media.

It was REALLY good.

It was vintage Ray Lewis, talking wildly about going man-to-man with people on Monday night and not being afraid of anyone on the other side of the field.  At one point, someone in the media asked Lewis during today’s press gathering if he was “expecting a lot of barking” on Monday night when the Ravens and Jets do battle and #52 replied:  “Oh yeah, except I’ll be doing the barking.  No one barks at me.”

And then, before leaving the mic, Lewis offered the knockout blow about Rex and his team.

“I sure hope those guys can cash all the checks Rex is writing.”

There’s blood in the ring, folks.  Anyone have a towel and a bucket of water?