“Ray Week” begins – (Don’t believe everything you read)

February 23, 2009 | Drew Forrester

Baltimore football fans are amazing.

“Ray can go as far as I’m concerned.”

“Hey Ray, don’t let the door hit you in the a*s on the way out.”

“I’m no longer a Ray Lewis fan…this does it for me, I’ve had enough.”

Psssst…here’s a secret for all of you who are ready to run Ray out of town.

Relax a little bit and let’s see how the week plays out first.

Everyone is all worked up about this supposed-conversation Ray had with Dallas Cowboys star DeMarcus Ware – where Ray professed a dire need to “wear the star on my helmet.”

Is it possible that Ray and Ware had THIS conversation?

Ware –  “Hey man, I’m hearing you’re dying to play in Dallas…T.O. says you’re as good as here.”

Ray – “You know what’s funny?  When I was growing up in Lakeland, I dreamed of doing two things my whole life.  Playing at the U and wearing that star on my helmet someday in the NFL.”

Ware –  “Well, let’s get it done bro.  Me and you.  We’ll be a wrecking machine back there.”

Ray –  “Bottom line is this…if I don’t re-sign in Baltimore, I’m definitely interested in wearing that star.  I used to watch Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin when I was in college and was always telling everyone, “how cool would it be to play in Dallas?”

Ware, for reasons only he can explain, then provides the content of that conversation to someone at the Cowboys web-site…well, not ALL of the content.  He leaves out the part where Ray says “when I was growing up…” and makes it out to sound like Ray wants to play in Dallas now instead of re-signing in Baltimore.

Isn’t it possible that Ray didn’t REALLY say he wants to play in Dallas?  Sure.

Ware’s dumb statement is further proof that football players should play football and leave the talking to others.

As for us here in Baltimore, let’s watch this Ray-saga play out before we start chasing him out of town with a pitchfork. 

In other words, try not to HELP chase him out of town with YOUR comments. 

If Ray leaves, he leaves.

If he goes to Dallas, so be it.

But now is not the time to disrespect the best player in the history of the Ravens franchise.