Reed’s training camp ploy…just business as usual for #20

June 12, 2012 | Drew Forrester

Here’s a shocker.  Hope you’re sitting down.  Ed Reed was a no-show at today’s mandatory mini-camp today.

Reed proved a couple of weeks back that he clearly understood the definition of “optional” when he passed on a “come-if-you-want” 3-day camp at Owings Mills.

Today, unfortunately, he forgot what mandatory means.

The future Hall-of-Famer didn’t communicate with the Ravens on the subject, so they have no idea what’s happening with their mercurial safety.  They’re guessing, like everyone else, but it would have been cool for Reed to at least send a text or leave a voice mail for the coach or GM to just say, “Hey, I’m alive…but I won’t be there this week.  Later.”

Instead, like a kid who cuts class, Reed’s seat was simply empty with no explanation or note from home explaining his absence.

Bush league?  Sure.  But the Ravens were expecting it.

The good news for the Ravens is that the guys who actually lead the team, like quarterback Joe Flacco and wide receiver Anquan Boldin and linebackers Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs were in attendance.

Suggs was there even though he’s not able to play due to injury.

Reed decided not to show up.

No one knows why, for sure, but nearly everyone who speculates for a living is guessing that Reed is trying to squeeze one more contract out of the Ravens.

I guess $7 million to basically stroll through training camp with a red jersey on and then play 16 games in the regular season isn’t enough to motivate Reed.

That’s a shame.

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