Reed’s training camp ploy…just business as usual for #20

June 12, 2012 | Drew Forrester

Fortunately for John Harbaugh, most of the players on his roster understand how the real world works and they also get the concept of “mandatory”.

Reed not showing up on Tuesday really isn’t that big of a deal.  Even if he did post, he wouldn’t really break a sweat, so what’s the difference?

He’s going to try and send a message to the Ravens by staying away.

The Ravens will go on with business as usual and, privately, nearly everyone who matters in the organization will giggle at the silly message Ed is trying to deliver.

Here’s a fact:  Ed Reed isn’t getting a new contract from the Ravens.  Not this summer, anyway.

He’ll eventually show up, brood for a day or two, say something to the media that raises a few eyebrows, and then all will be fine with the world.

The Ravens are as sure as they can be of that scenario playing out.

Chances are good they’re going to be right.

Ed needs to come up with a new technique.

Perhaps this one might work better:  How about showing up for work like everyone else with a contract does and put your time in the way the rest of your teammates do…

That’s a new one for Reed, but it might be more effective than today’s failure-to-appear stunt.