You people don’t like the part-time refs…and last year you didn’t like the full-time refs.

September 18, 2012 | Drew Forrester

This, of course, is also the league that forces a team like the Browns to travel to Baltimore for a Thursday night beating in two weeks, while not making the Ravens play a Thursday night road game to somehow balance out the unfairness of the Thursday schedule that everyone involved with the league despises.

I’m not shocked at all that this referee saga is two weeks-worth of games old.

After all, a couple of teams will fly to London later this season for a regular season game that neither team wants to play.

It all comes back to the league operating in this bubble where they assume none of us are really paying attention to what’s going on with their integrity level.

At some point soon, I think, the league and the referees – the good ones – will reach an agreement and order will be restored to the field of play.

Rest assured, though, you people in the ref-bashing club aren’t going to be satisfied when a deal is finally made and the “full-time” guys come back to work.

You weren’t happy two years ago or last season when the real refs made what you deemed “bad calls” or “had it out for the Ravens” when the team lost.

If you aren’t blaming Cam Cameron, you’re blaming the refs.

So, make no mistake about this:  When and if the “real” refs come back, you all will be griping about them, too, when there’s a late-game pass interference call that costs the Ravens a win in Kansas City on October 7 (for example).

The referees didn’t cost the Ravens a win on Sunday in Philadelphia.  The Ravens cost the Ravens a win, with shoddy pass coverage on the defensive side of the ball and a bizarre final minute or so when Harbaugh-Cameron-Flacco couldn’t move the ball 40 yards in 1:57 with two time-outs in their pocket.

It’s going to get worse before it gets better, trust me.  These part-time guys will continue to stink up the joint until a settlement is reached and the “real” refs get back on the field.

And as sure as the Ravens are going to throw on 3rd and 1, you’ll be crushing them within a week or two of their return.