Report: Suggs turns over several guns after alleged abuse toward girlfriend

December 07, 2012 | WNST Staff

Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs is dealing with a legal matter that required him to turn over several guns after a protective order was filed by his girlfiend last month.

As reported by The Sun, Suggs is not facing criminal charges after his former fiance Candace Williams alleged that he punched her in the neck and drove a car with their two children inside at a high rate of speed while she was trying to get into the vehicle. Suggs’ attorney Warren Alperstein told the newspaper his client was in legal possession of the firearms and turned them over without incident.

Suggs reportedly filed a custody complaint on Nov. 19, and Williams then applied for the protective order the following day. The 30-year-old linebacker complained that Williams had endangered their children on numerous occasions.

Head coach John Harbaugh and the organization have declined comment on the matter.

A previous legal matter between the pair occurred in 2009 when Williams accused Suggs of assaulting her by holding her down and pouring bleach on her. She filed a protective order at the time, which was eventually rescinded, and her $70 million lawsuit was eventually dropped.