Sam Koch fascinated by Harbaugh-Harbaugh matchup

January 30, 2013 | WNST Staff



(on his plans for his free time in New Orleans) “I may go out to eat, but other than that, I may just hang out with our long snapper and our kicker.  Do we have a curfew?  I haven’t checked the schedule today so I don’t know if we have a curfew or not.”


(on how it feels to be a punter in the Super Bowl) “It feels great. There’s no better team than the Baltimore Ravens.  The team here, the camaraderie and the organization itself is first-class.  It’s just a great place to be.”


(on the topic of respect) “When you have guys like Ray Lewis and Joe Flacco, they deserve all of the respect that they get.  I go out there and try to earn my respect from the coaches on the field and from my teammates on Sunday.”


(on the irony of the fact that the lesser he plays as a punter, the better his team is usually playing) “I like to punt as much as I can, but if I’m punting, it’s usually not a good thing for our offense.  When our offense is rolling, theres a good chance that we may only have one or two punts.”


(on his communication with long snapper Morgan Cox) “Being together with Morgan for three years now, our communication is a lot better than what it has been.  We’re starting to understand each other, what our mechanics are and what our nuances are.  It’s working well. We’ve melded together very well this year.”


(on if, as a punted, he likes tackling) “I think it’s fun.  I like the physical aspect of punting and playing in the football game.   But when I’m tackling, it’s usually not a good thing.”


(on if he’s punted previously in Mercedes-Benz Superdome) “In 2006, we played here in a regular season game.  I didn’t really notice anything different here.  It’s pretty much like your Indianapolis, your Houston and other (domed) places like that.  The nice thing is you don’t have to worry about the wind.  You don’t have to worry about any variables outside.  You can just focus on the technique and the rhythm of your punts.”


(on if he has a preference for punting inside versus outside) “I think it’s fun to have an opportunity to punt inside, but there are so many more outdoor games, that I feel that I benefit playing with Baltimore and practicing in all of the situations that we practice in up there.  If you practice as a member of a dome team,

you’re not going to be able to get used to those elements like we do up in Baltimore.”


(on Ravens Coach John Harbaugh coaching against his brother, Jim) “I don’t see it as strange—I see it as fascinating.  The odds of having your brother over on the other sideline in a game like this have to be very small.  I think it would be great if my brother was over on the other side punting.  It would be a great feeling.”


(on the benefits to him of having a head coach who previously coached special teams) “Coach Harbaugh obviously understands what special teams is all about, and now being a head coach, he has to understand all of the phases.  But yet he can still put in his two cents now with our special teams, and be able to help out in that area.”