San Francisco WR Crabtree calls Moss “older brother” in 49ers offense

January 30, 2013 | WNST Staff


(on what motivated him this season) “I wanted to be that guy. I wanted to be the number one receiver in the league. It takes a lot of hard work.”


(on one of his main goals as a wide receiver) “To take the offense to another level. Around here it’s more like everyone is talking about our defense. We really just took on that role, getting better and trying to make our offense number one.”


(on which receivers he looked up to growing up) “I had all type of guys like Terrell Owens, Randy Moss and Michael Irvin. There were a lot of people. I looked up to running backs and quarterbacks. I played quarterback my whole life. I didn’t play receiver until I got to college. I just like football.”


(on which wide receiver best resembles his style) “I used to just try and put everybody together to create my own identity. That’s probably the beauty of football.”


(on the greatest receiver of all time) “I would say as a playmaker, Randy Moss.”


(on what he thought of Randy Moss joining the 49ers) “Whatever it takes to help the team. I had Isaac Bruce when I first came in the league. It’s always good to have one of those legendary guys around you. It’s not going to do anything but better your game.”


(on the offensive weapons that the 49ers possess) “There’s a lot. I could go on talking about the talent that we have around here. On the tight ends, running backs, you have to remember we have three people injured that played a major part in our offense. But I would say that with all of these weapons, I don’t think that you can go wrong.”


(on the team’s quarterback change during the season) “It was a process, but I think that with practice where the quarterbacks are getting so many reps we would go with (Colin Kaepernick), (Scott) Tolzien and we would go with Alex (Smith). I’m sure that it’s not way far off, but it worked.”


(on Alex Smith) “He’s a football player. Guys like that, you can’t faze them too much. We still have that one goal in mind and that’s to win.”


(on thinking of his linemen as weapons) “Yes, that’s football. Offensive linemen and defensive linemen, that’s NFL football, high school football, college football, they run the whole team. Without a great offensive line I don’t think that too many wide receivers or running backs would be making plays like that. So that’s good for us.”


(on the camaraderie with his linemen) “I enjoy them a lot, I talk to them every day and I mess with them every day. We have fun. They’re big, goofy guys; big people are usually the funniest people. They are my friends.”


(on what practice is like with Kaepernick) “We just really have fun at practice and try to get better every day. We talk a lot. He talks to everybody. I think that he’s getting better with the tight ends, he’s getting better with the running backs, not just with me. I feel like the offense as a whole that the sky’s the limit for us so we’re just trying to get better every day.”


(on what the team hopes to accomplish today during practice) “What we’re trying to accomplish? We’re trying win. We’re taking practice as we always take it – step-by-step, going over our play, and watching film. Just really trying to get the win.”



(on Coach Jim Harbaugh being fired up for this week) “I guess that’s just his lingo. That’s how he talks, but I would say that everybody is fired up. Everybody  is ready to play. It’s something that you dream of when you’re a little kid so now that you’re here you’ve got to take on the opportunity and come out with the win.”


(on Vernon Davis and the other team’s tight ends) “He’s a tight end. That’s what tight ends do; they block and they catch passes. I think that he’s doing his job. I wouldn’t say he’s unselfish, I’d say that he’s really a professional at his position. So is (TE) Delanie Walker, those guys can do both catch and block. Delanie does a lot. I would say that he’s like a fullback at tight end and he can run after the catch. I’d say that everyone as a whole in the offense is getting better with Kaepernick. All of us are together as one trying to make plays for each other.”


(on the quarterback Colin Kaepernick) “A lot of people say timing, but I guess the timing was him coming in the game. It’s really just him throwing the ball and giving us a chance and really pushing us with his arm. The guy can throw so hard, so far – it really just makes you step up – your speed, your focus. It brings the best out of all of us.”


(on if the change in the offense’s production factored into the QB change to Kapernick) “No, I don’t. I don’t really make any decisions and I really don’t know how it works out, but you know the story. As Alex (Smith) got hurt and Kap came in, he had the hot hand. Same story.”


(on Kaepernick’s throwing style) “He’s like a pitcher. The guy’s got a cannon. You just have to focus all the time on his ball.”


(on if Kaepernick throws the hardest football he’s ever caught) “Yes, probably. Him and Troy Smith. Troy Smith – he had a cannon too.”


(on if he’s having fun this week) “Yes it’s cool. It’s a little early (in the morning) right now, but it’s cool.”


(on if he feels that his game was taken to another level this year and what went into that process) “I think each year I got better each year. I started out a little slow, then the next year they gave me more opportunities, more targets. I did the best I could do. And this year I got more targets and I’m feeling like I’m on my way.”


(on what goes into trying to be the best receiver in the game) “It’s a lot of stuff. For a receiver, you need a quarterback, you need targets and then you also need to take advantage of all of your opportunities. Like I said, I’m on my way and I’ve just got to keep doing what I’m doing and keep critiquing myself and really just trying to be the best.”


(on if at any point if he thought that he might be drafted by the New York Jets) “No. Not at all.”


(on playing with Randy Moss) “Randy’s like my older brother. An older brother you would have that’s been through a lot that you just can learn from just talking to him, watching him. You just can learn a lot of stuff. He’s a legend and I hope he’ll be here next year. That’s my guy and every day we’re just going through the motions trying to make something happen.