Seats on the bandwagon are 3 for $10

October 19, 2008 | Drew Forrester

What a great week this is going to be.

With one 27-13 win in Miami, the Ravens have afforded us all at least a week where we don’t have to hear the following:

– “Flacco is nothing more than a clone of Boller…”

– “Harbaugh can’t coach in this league…”

– “Stover’s done…”

All three had a major hand in the Ravens road triumph over the Dolphins.  Flacco looked like a #1 draft pick and was poised, sharp and mistake-free.  Harbaugh evidently (since no one is owning up to it) told Chris McAlister to take a seat on the bench – showing him and the rest of the team who’s in charge.  And Stover booted a 47-yard field goal to temporarily silence the experts who said his leg strength was gone.

The Joe Flacco who played in Indy evidently didn’t make the trip to Miami – and that’s a good thing.  The Flacco who showed up against the Dolphins was the best Flacco we’ve seen in six games this season.  He was accurate, efficient and even found Todd Heap on a couple of occasions – just enough to remind us all that #86 isn’t done yet, either.

As for McAlister, that is undoubtedly the only gray cloud on an otherwise sunny day in South Florida. Throughout last week, McAlister – in concert with Harbaugh – insisted he wasn’t suffering from a knee injury.  Suddenly, though, just before kick-off today, it was revealed that Frank Walker would start in place of CMac.  That would be akin to having Taylor Hicks fill in for Michael McDonald…they’re both singers and they’re both male.  The comparisons stop there.  Walker for CMac is hardly an even trade, but in all fairness Walker had his best game of the year today while McAlister sat on the bench.  CMac eventually DID play in the game, so either his knee improved during the game or his punishment had been handed down accordingly.  Of course, following the game, no one would tell the truth about CMac’s absence.  There’s a 90% chance it’s one of only two things:  a) he really DOES have a knee injury, or b) he was out late on Saturday night…too late for Harbaugh’s liking…and the benching was how the team decided to handle it. I’d bet “B” if I had to make a wager on it.

It should be a great week for Ravens’ fans.  No more bellyaching about Joe “Boller” — no cries for Troy Smith to play.  No barking and complaining from the “Fire Harbaugh” crowd.  And no one calling in demanding that Matt Stover be cut.

This week, we’ll just talk about a big road win, a reasonably-sure home victory over Oakland next Sunday, and a football team that is right in the mix of the AFC with 10 games to play.

This will be a good week in Baltimore.