Serving Up Purple Kool-Aid

January 20, 2011 | Tom Federline

Did anyone indulge this afternoon? Anyone catch the end-of year “press conference” by the powers at be from the Ravens Castle? Is every one’s lips purple? Is everyone all revived? Everyone bought into – the best is yet to come, 100% effort doesn’t mean 100% results, I trust my guys, we hear the fans andthe media, we understand your frustration, this is a game of stats, blah, blah, blah, blah………..Was that Brian Billick with a Steve Bisciotti mask on? I did not drink the Kool-aid. I turned it off after 5 minutes. I have heard excerpts since and my thoughts – Let’s Go Terps. Bring on O’s spring training.

The Ravens went 12-4, made the playoffs, commendable. “Super Bowl or Bust” got busted. The Ravens organization blew this year, just like they blew creating a potential dynasty in the early part of the last decade. With the latter, they let a championship team disintegrate. This time they are supposedly keeping most of the coaching staff/engine that was responsible for their failure. The only coach they should have kept is gone. Horribaugh = High School Coach. Take away the Ray’s and Joe Flacco, ten bucks says Little Johnny H. doesn’t have a job or a record or stats for Brian Billick, I mean Steve Bisciotti, to gloat over. Hey Steve, what are you smoking up there in your double suite of the “non-smoking” stadium bowl?

Does Bisciotti really care? His “business plan” is thriving. He knows his target audience, he has semi-competent propagandist serving up the Kool-aid and people are buying it. The whole organization is riding the Ray Lewis wave. That wave may be headed out to sea. And even if it isn’t, the wave is not as big or powerful as it once was. The waves popularity and legacy is still there – it’s just not at that “rare ultimate level”. Actually, the defense played beyond expectations.

It was the offense, top to bottom. For the hundredth time, the talent level on the field and bench exceeded the capabilities of the coaches and upper management. It is tough to say and tough to write, that a team with a 12 -4 record was disappointing. Have we become to spoiled? From what? 10 years ago? Since then, there has always been the Colts and the Steelers to cut us down to size. Did we expect to much? Sure. But when you add the offensive weapons that the Ravens did, why wouldn’t you expect positive results from the offensive side of the ball.

Has anyone seen Marc Bulger? Jared Gaither? Sergio Kindle? Oh that’s right – providing guidance, perpetually hurt and still partying. Why did Joe Flacco play every QB offensive down this year? Why do you run Ray Rice 3 times in a row and punt? Or better yet, why do you call Ray Rice’s number for a third times in a row after a 18 yard screen pass and 30 yard burst? Why did you pick up Anquan Boldin, T.J. Houshmanzadeh and Dante Stallworth? Why is Willis McGahee on the team? Why do Cam Cameron, Jim Zorn and Horribaugh still have jobs?

Besides drinking to much Purple Kool-Aid, me thinks there may be to much “Purple Haze” – (Jimi Hendrix), being passed around the Castle. Whatever is going at the Ravens Castle – keep it there – I don’t want any. Anyway, I drink plenty of Orange Kool-Aid. I don’t know what loss was worse, this past Sunday or the Dolts playoff loss a few years ago? Tough year. Hey, they won more than they lost. I’m glad it’s over. Go Terps. Go O’s.