Shedding Light on Ed Reed Situation

January 26, 2010 | Glenn Clark

I’m going to put this one on me. I probably should have really driven home the point I made on Twitter (follow us @WNST) last Friday at 12:48pm…

“GMC: Source close to Ed #Reed tells me he does not expect #Ravens Safety to retire. But nothing definitive imminent.

I should have written a blog that day to further explain the information I received.

I was informed by a source VERY CLOSE to Ed Reed last week that Ed had decided he was going to return to the Ravens this season. In fact, my source was particularly emphatic about Ed’s decision. In the 24 hours after I was given that information, I was given more information-which included news that Ed had spent part of the week informing football and non-football related people that he intended to be back in a Ravens uniform in 2010.

The story that is making the rounds today comes from an interview Ed did on SiriusXM radio Saturday, followed by some scuttlebutt coming from those in and around the team at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, AL this week. While Ed did not say anything definitive in the interview (remember-when I Tweeted this I said “nothing definitive imminent”), it has become clear to others that Ed is telling people about his thought process.

The question was posed to me today “Why don’t you just send a text to make it official?”.

That’s the problem.

This decision isn’t WNST’s to make. Or The Sun’s. Or the Carroll County Times’. Or ESPN’s.

The decision is Ed Reed’s to make and announce.

This is what I know. Ed Reed wants to return to the NFL next season to play safety for the Baltimore Ravens. Ed Reed is EXPECTED to return to the NFL next season to play safety for the Baltimore Ravens.

However, if Ed Reed wakes up tomorrow and can’t feel his neck, Ed Reed will likely NOT return to the NFL next season to play for the Baltimore Ravens.

That’s why I can’t make it official. Only Ed Reed can do that.

But the good news for Ravens fans is that if the decision was about whether or not Ed “wants” to play football in 2010, we know the answer is yes.

Now we just have to wait to make sure Ed Reed is physically capable of playing football in 2010.