SI Writer Says Greivis Told Him He’s Staying in Draft

June 14, 2009 | Glenn Clark

As I mentioned in a previous blog entry; Sports Illustrated writer Scott Howard-Cooper reported that Greivis Vasquez had already made up his mind to stay in the NBA Draft (the deadline for such a decision is Monday at 5pm). Here’s the text from the story (which was written Friday, June 5)…….

Also saying he’s staying in: Maryland guard Greivis Vasquez, a second-team All-ACC pick in 2008-09 as a junior. That’s bigger news for the Terrapins than the draft.

Howard-Cooper (who isn’t particularly well known on the East Coast because he came from the Sacramento Bee) received some criticism from analysts and fans after writing the note, as the common belief amongst those who have talked to the Venezuelan junior is that he still hadn’t made up his mind and wouldn’t make a decision until the last minute.

In fact, Steve Yanda from the Washington Post decided to talk with Vasquez’s high school coach (from Montrose Christian)/”father figure” Stu Vetter, who claimed the story wasn’t true. Here’s the transcript from…..

Stu Vetter, Vasquez’s coach at Montrose Christian and someone Vasquez considers a father figure, denied the report in a telephone interview.

“Absolutely nothing has changed,” Vetter said. “He’s still visiting teams and collecting information and all that. He hasn’t made a decision yet.”

Howard-Cooper apparently heard the criticism himself from readers, and decided to respond to one of them Friday in a “mailbag”-type story…..

Greivis Vasquez: “I’m all in. I’m not thinking about going back to school.”

Face to face? No, you got me there. I was about 5 feet away, after his workout with the Kings last week.

If Vasquez goes back to Maryland, it will be because he changed his mind from a very clear comment. And some perspective, please. Vasquez deciding to stay in the draft might be breaking national news? In what nation?

And again I’m forced to ask, “What does it all mean?”

What is most likely is that Greivis (who is sometimes misunderstood-or misunderstands questions due to his Venezuelan background) did not mean to make that statement as a definitive answer. I assume he probably thought that whatever question was asked was more like “Are you just doing this to improve yourself for next season at Maryland, or are you really considering leaving for the NBA Draft?” If that had been the question, I could fully understand Greivis trying to say “No, I’m all in, trying to get myself ready for the Draft.”

But none of us know for sure. Yet.

All of the speculation ends Monday at 5pm. I’ll make a guess tomorrow morning.