Signature Win

December 21, 2008 |

First off I thought the Ravens would lose this game, and boy was I wrong.

All season long we have talked about what is the Ravens signature win ? Well, you can mark the date December 20, 2008, down as the date that the Ravens got one of their more signature wins in franchise history. The Ravens had all the cards stacked against them with everything that was hyped about this game and the closing of Texas Stadium, and the Ravens just came out and played smash mouth football.

Here are some other points from the game:

– First off Deion Sanders had me laughing the entire broadcast, it was so enjoyable to listen to that crew  call the game.

-Derrick Mason may have made a final strong push for team MVP with that performance he had tonight.

-The o-line just smacked the Cowboys in the mouth on those final two offensive drives that resulted in the long runs by Willis McGahee and LeRon McClain.

-Joe Flacco continues to impress every single week, he may have had one of his best games tonight.

-Sam Koch was huge for the Ravens tonight with the huge punts that he came up with all game long. Not to mention that fake field goal that he came up with. Speaking of that ,give tons of credit to Cam Cameron for coming up with some creative play calling.

-Joe Flacco will go down in history as the last quarterback to win in Texas Stadium and LeRon McClain will be in the history books as having the longest run by a visiting running back in Texas Stadium history.

-Wade Phillips just said that this one hurt the Cowboys really bad, and he has never seen anything like the ending of this game with the two long runs.

-It is going to be a fun week in Baltimore with the Jaqs coming here Sunday, and the celebration of the ’58 Colts.

-Last but not least, Coach John Harbaugh just pulled off the biggest win in his young coaching career taking a team that suffered a heart breaking loss,into a stadium with everyone, including myself mostly picking against them and pulled off a huge win.